SJ Leader board 2018

Last updated: 20-Aug-2018 01:45 PM

Please find our SJ leader board 2018 here

SJ leader board 2018 SJ leader board 2018 (50 KB)


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Fun Rally

Last updated: 12-Jun-2018 07:54 PM

Half day rally for members with XC, Pacework and Games

helper job helper job (1191 KB)


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Europa Showjumping day May 5th

Last updated: 03-May-2018 12:11 AM

The draw has been finalised and can be found on Global.

Any queries or scratchings, please email Lenneke Williamson

The Helper Jobs are attached to this email.

Queries to Kathy Mallory

Please remember no dogs are allowed on the grounds.

Please leave the grounds as you find them, fill in any holes and take away manure or place in the bins provided.

Course open for walking from 7.45AM, first round of jumping at 8AM.

Full canteen all day run by our amazing canteen subcommittee.

A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors for sponsoring our event. Please take the time to thank them!

Europa Saddlery, Anitone, Equalyte, Oakford Stockfeeds, West Coast Vets

Helper job May 5th 2018 Helper job May 5th 2018 (0 KB)


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Europa Showjumping day April 7th

Last updated: 03-Apr-2018 10:37 PM

Dear riders


The draw is now posted. Please go to

Or click on the attachment below

You will also find the helper jobs attached.


Course will be open for walking at 7.45. First round of jumping 8am.

Canteen available all day!

Please report on time for your helper job. 

Remember to pick up hay and manure, take it with you or place in the manure bins provided.

PCWA gear check rules apply and sorry no dogs allowed.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our amazing sponsors:

Europa Saddlery, Anitone, West Coast Vet, Oakford Stockfeeds and BP, with out them this event would not be possible!

Please let us know of any withdrawls/scratchings

Enquiries to Lenneke Williamson at

All helper duty enquiries to Kathy at


We are looking forward to a great day of jumping!

Helper jobs April 7th Helper jobs April 7th (15 KB)


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Show jump day Febr 10th

Last updated: 07-Feb-2018 01:22 PM

Thank you all for entering our event!

We are looking forward to a great day, to help things run smoothly, can everyone please take note of the following.

·       All rounds are Article 238.2.1 (A2) Competition against the clock.

Competitors with equality of penalties for any place are placed in accordance with time taken to complete the round. In the event of equality of penalties and time for first place, a jump-off against the clock may take place.  

·       Gates open at 7AM, course open for walking at 7.45AM. First round of jumping at 8AM. 

Course open for walking after every height chance (not class)

·       Please report for your helper jobs in the clubrooms. Please be on time.

·       No dogs allowed.

·       Current PCWA or Open PCWA insurance needed to be able to compete.

·       Our wonderful canteen is open on the day.

·        Please leave our grounds tidy, all manure and hay in the manure receptacles, do not spread around trees etc.

·       Apologies for the email that was generated through global. Please find the correct helper jobs attached to this email.

·       The draw is now online

We have lots of young riders competing for the first time, let’s make sure everyone has a fantastic day. Please be kind, and be a good sport. Don’t forget to salute the judge!

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Serpentine Horse and Pony Club!

Helper jobs Feb 10 2018 Helper jobs Feb 10 2018 (13 KB)


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Show jump Draw & Helper jobs Event 3, Sept 2nd

Last updated: 29-Aug-2017 10:35 PM

SJ Helper jobs event 3 2017 SJ Helper jobs event 3 2017 (15 KB)

Dear competitors

Thank you so much for entering our last Show jump event of 2017. 

We have received many entries and it is going to be a very busy day, both arenas are full!

Please remember to present to your arena on time, you will need to be gear checked before you warm up.

We would like to ask everybody to come to the office to report for your helper job. The list is attached to this email. Please contact Kathy if there are any problems.

Please also make sure you leave the grounds neat and tidy and pick up any manure or hay around your float or tie up area.

We would like to sincerely thank our Sponsors Europa Saddlery and Anitone for their ongoing support. Without the sponsorship from these fabulous companies we would not be able to hold these series. Please make sure to thank our sponsors, it will be much appreciated!


The draw can be found on Global,


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Serpentine H&PC and hope you will all have a wonderful day of Show jumping!


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Showjumping Event 2 May 6th

Last updated: 02-May-2017 09:08 PM

Dear competitors


Thank you all for entering our Europa Showjumping day, event 2 in our series.

It will be a full day and we are very excited to welcome you to Serpentine Horse and Pony Club this Saturday, May 6th.

There will be some great prices to be won, courtesy of our amazing sponsors Europa saddlery and Anitone

The draw is now ready to be viewed on global, please follow the link

Draw event 2 2017 Draw event 2 2017 (34 KB)

Please find the helper list here.

Helperjobs Event 2 2017 Helperjobs Event 2 2017 (15 KB)

It would be a great if everyone could present to gear check on time so the day will run nice and smooth and we don’t keep judges waiting for riders. First rounds to start at 8am.

Please also remember to report for your helper job on time.

If for whatever reason you have to scratch, then please let us know so we can amend the draw and helper duties.


Looking forward to a great day.

Kind regards,

Serpentine H&PC Showjumping committee 


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Last updated: 01-Apr-2017 09:56 AM

Dear competitors,

Thank you for supporting our first Serpentine H&PC Europa showjumping day on March 25th.

It was great to see so many of you out there, riding beautifully and having a great time with your horse and horsey friends!

The day ran smoothly because everyone presented on time and helper jobs were done, big thumbs up to you all!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors Europa and Anitone. They both have come on board yet again to support our Show jump committee with prizes for our Events and the Series. We are very fortunate to be able to offer you these prizes and it would be much appreciated if you could all take the time to write a quick thank you note or post on FB to say thanks to these very generous businesses.

Please find the results of the day below.

Our Event 2 is on May 6th just a few weeks away and entries are now open!

This will be a great way to get out and have some practice before the PCAWA Showjumping Champs and to gain points for both our series and the PCAWA leaderboard.

Entries close April 29th, so don’t miss out!

We hope to see you all back at Serpentine H&PC soon!

The Showjump Committee

SJ Results March 2017 SJ Results March 2017 (15 KB)


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Draw and Helper Jobs

Last updated: 22-Mar-2017 08:58 PM

Dear compeitors,


The draw has been published

 and the helper jobs are attached to here.

Helper jobs SJ Event1 2017 Helper jobs SJ Event1 2017 (15 KB)

If you have to scratch then could you pls let us know asap as we have many people on our waiting list.

If you have any queries in regards to your helper job then please contact Kathy on

For any thing else please email

It is going to be a very busy day so please present on time for gearcheck and your helper duty to help make the day run smoothly.

Course walk for both arena's starts at 7.45 and the first round of jumping will be at 8am.

We are looking forward to a fantastic day of jumping, generously supported by our wonderful sponsors Europa and Anitone!


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Serpentine H&PC Europa Showjumping series Event 1, March 25th

Last updated: 02-Mar-2017 11:30 AM

Serpentine H&PC Europa Showjumping series Event 1, March 25th. Part of the Tim Weigall PCAWA series and now also a Interschool qualifier for pony club riders! (PCAWA insurance is required to enter this event) Entries close March 18th, classes are filling fast! Enter now!


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Calendar 2017

Last updated: 05-Jan-2017 01:28 PM

Hi Everyone. Well here it is, the latest of the latest Calendar 2017! After much negotiation over the last couple of months between PCAWA, EA, Polocrosse, Shire and disciplines with in our own club we are very happy to be able to present our very busy year planned for 2017. Many thanks to everyone who was involved, great job! We hope to see you all next season for what will be a fantastic, fun filled year at Serpy!

Calendar 30 dec Calendar 30 dec (11 KB)


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SHPC Europa Show Jumping Event 3

Last updated: 25-Sep-2016 11:32 PM


SHPC Europa SJ October 1st 2016 DRAW SHPC Europa SJ October 1st 2016 DRAW (34 KB)


SHPC Europa SJ Event 3 October 1st 2016 HELPER JOBS SHPC Europa SJ Event 3 October 1st 2016 HELPER JOBS (14 KB)



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Serpentine H&PC Europa Showjumping Event 3 October 1st

Last updated: 08-Sep-2016 12:55 PM

Serpentine H&PC Europa Showjumping Event 3 October 1st
Last Event in our series,  entries close September 23, strictly no late entries excepted. 

Riders must ride at this event to be eligible for Series prizes.

Please read condition of entry carefully. To enter please go to


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Jill Stanton Helper Jobs

Last updated: 16-Jun-2016 11:06 PM

JS helper jobs JS helper jobs (13 KB)


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Last updated: 02-May-2016 09:40 PM

Thanks so much for once again supporting our SJ event!

We do have another full day of Show jumping ahead and due to the large numbers of entries in the 85/90/1m classes we have MOVED the 75cm Class to run at the end of the program in Arena 1.

I know this will not suit everyone, and I apologise for this, but if we do not move one of the rounds across then we will have one arena finishing at least 2 hours after the other, and very late in the afternoon, which is not ideal for many reasons. We did include details of the possibility of moving the classes in the entry pack information on global.

This means that Arena 2 will commence with the 85 cm class.  All riders in this class need to be ready to course walk at 7.45 for an 8AMstart.  All people assigned to jobs for this class need to be present from 7.45.

For series points please be reassured that the 75cm class, that will run in Arena 1 at the end of the Arena 1 program will still count for series points for Arena 2 as it is listed in the program as a class in arena 2.



Thanks so much for once again supporting our SJ event!


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Helper job draw Show jump day March 26

Last updated: 24-Mar-2016 12:55 AM

Helper jobs Show jump day 1 March 26 Helper jobs Show jump day 1 March 26 (15 KB)

Dear competitor,

Please find the Helper job draw for the PCAWA and Open classes attached

Please read carefully as everyone has been assigned a job.

It would be gratefully appreciated if you report for your job on time at the office so the day will run as smooth as possible.

Looking forward to a great day!

Many Thanks,

Serpentine H&PC Show Jump committee


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Show Jump day 1 march 26th

Last updated: 19-Feb-2016 09:27 PM

Entries are now open for our first 2016 Europa Show Jumping Series Event 1 (off 3) on March 26th. 
Heights from 40cm-115cm. Just $17.50 per round AND Serpy members get a $10.00 discount! 
Head on over to global online or click below to enter for a great day of fun!

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Last updated: 06-Feb-2016 12:08 AM


SHPC can take no more members for 2016 - totally at maximum . Interested people can email secretary on to go on waitlist. All members must be fully registered and financial immediately to come to any SHPC activity - Feb rally on 14/2.Please action anything outstanding to secure your position and RSVP re rally asap.

Thank you! :)


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Results SHJ October 3

Last updated: 09-Oct-2015 03:18 PM

results SHJ October 3 results SHJ October 3 (27 KB)


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Serpentine 2DE entries for 28th and 29th of november are now on Ktrials

Last updated: 04-Oct-2015 09:13 PM

Serpentine 2DE entries for 28th and 29th of November are now on Ktrials


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Last updated: 02-Oct-2015 12:09 AM

Hello everyone

The draw is now available on Global Entries Online

or click here 

Draw SJD 03/10/2015 Draw SJD 03/10/2015 (7027 KB)


helper duties Showjump day 3/10/2015 helper duties Showjump day 3/10/2015 (13 KB)

Please contact Lenneke Wiliamson at with any issues you may have regarding your entry and please notify me if you have any scratchings.

Please ensure you are ready to jump your rounds when called. We will be sticking to the draw order as much as possible. Some changes to the draw may occur due to scratchings etc- please check the draw posted on the whiteboard outside the Arena in which you are competing to see the lastest version of the draw.

We thank our sponsor Anitone for their support 

Looking forward to seing everyone on Saturday for a great day of jumping!!


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Masters Of Dressage Masterclass

Last updated: 22-Sep-2015 10:05 PM

FroEWA /DWA  Dressage Judges Taskforce:

You may have heard that FEI 5*  Olympic Dressage Judge Stephen Clarke will be visiting WA in November of this year. Stephen is a trainer rider and judge.

The Dressage Judges Taskforce will be hosting the visit and is presenting two events which your members might be interested in.

The first is a Masters Of Dressage Masterclass, 21 st November 2015, presented by  Stephen with guest rider Bret Parbery and local riders.

The evening will show dressage horses of various levels and the progression of their training. There will be entertainment such as the PCAWA Musical ride, Pas De Duex and the Reining Horse V Dressage horse. There will be food outlets and the bar will be open. It is going to be a great night out at the SEC 6pm-9.30pm tickets from $33.

Sunday 22nd November 2015 Masters of Dressage,  Dressage Symposium with Stephen Clarke, Harry Boldt and Brett Parbery. Young Horses to Grand Prix , producing and training the equine athlete, test riding with Stephen giving the  marks as the test is bring ridden,  how to improve marks at each level.  10am to 4 pm SEC tickets from $44 Food outlets.  We will have a panel of riders coaches judges there to answer questions throughout the day. We will have demo riders from EA and PCAWA. This will be a super day for everyone interested in training riding and competing to mix with like-minded people and to see International level riders judges coaches at work.

This weekend could be  something your members might be interested.

Booking details  attached or  contact  Rhiannon at EWA

Thanking  you

Elaine Greene

Chair EWA /DWA  Dressage Judges Taskforce


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SH&PC Show Jump Day

Last updated: 09-Sep-2015 10:19 PM

Hi Everyone! Serpentine H&PC is holding a Show Jump event on the 3rd of October in conjunction with Jump Promotions WA! There will be 2 Arenas. Arena 1 run by JP WA and Arena 2 is run by us. Classes on offer are 45cm,65cm,75cm,85cm,95cm and 105cm, all AM7 at just $15.00 per round! Entries are now open, go to…/…/…
Hope to see you then!


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Message from President

Last updated: 30-Jul-2015 10:14 PM

Hi Serpy members,
just updating you all on a couple of things happening ;
  1. August Rally - happening this Sunday. Crystal is hosting a sleepover for Saturday night (horse and pony free)! please confirm your attendance for the Sleepover and any dietary needs with Crystal asap ( Crystal - 0420 982 535). General Rally RSVP should be in already ( including any unusual pony/horse combinations coming) . Group lists and timetables for the day will follow separately - there are plans for all activities including XC , jumping, flatwork , games and Dressage practice for Championship team.
  2. Sharing The Grounds - please note that there will be a small Official Show Horse show  ( 10am -12)and Polo Cross practice ( after 12) happening  at the east end of the grounds (on the PX fields) simultaneously with this Sundays Rally.  Club members to please park west of the clubhouse.. Our canteen will be open to sell food to the visitors as well as provide our rally lunches. Please remember to both sign in and order lunches early Sunday morning.
  3. Committees- A call to arms ! - We continue to look for fresh faces, voices and energy to assist on all our committees . Without organised leadership and fair and equitable task sharing Pony Club becomes impossible to conduct. I welcome your calls to discuss any aspect of becoming more involved in our wonderful club  (Ann Marie - 0410 612 046).  
  4. Calendar - There are some inaccuracies on our current Website Calendar ( and the PCAWA calendar) . We will shortly amend /update but if you have any specific queries please call the relevant discipline coordinator or Ann Marie .
Championships - Congratulations and Good Luck to all our talented riders preparing for PCAWA State Championship events . Thankyou to managers and coaches for all you do for our kids. Dates and enquiries as follows;
Dressage -22/23 August at SEC ( Tahna - 0427512064)
Eventing - 29/30 August at Gidgegannup ( Karina- 0414288290)
PPMG and Novelties - 5/6 September at SHPC ( Alicia - 0430018319) 

Look forward to seeing you all as you enjoy riding and keep improving your skills and  your horse/pony partnerships πŸ˜Š !
Go Serpy !
Ann Marie

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Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day

Last updated: 14-May-2015 10:03 PM

Get your entries in for our Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day. If you wish to represent SHPC at State Dressage champs you need to attend this event and enter the higher test per level eg Preliminary 1.2. 


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Last updated: 07-May-2015 12:26 PM

Hi everybody,

Our last event of the year took place on May 2nd and the Show jump committee would like to thank you all for supporting our Horseland Serpentine Show Jump Series. It was great to see so many of you coming out to compete, or support friends and family. Thank you all for doing your helper jobs, without your help we would not be able to run these events.  A special thank you to the Greatz family and Joanna Horridge for running the canteen, it is very, very much appreciated!

A big thank you must go to our sponsor Horseland. They have been wonderful, supplying vouchers, saddle blankets and rugs. Their continuing support is very much appreciated. Don't forget to visit one of their stores to use those vouchers and mention you won them at Serpentine H&PC!  We would like to take this opportunity ask any one winning a rug or saddle blanket, to take a moment and thank Horseland for their sponsor ship please.

Redfoto and Waylib have been covering our 3 events and have taken some fantastic shots. Please go to their websites, have a look and support them by buying a great picture of you and your mount!

I have attached the results of our last competition day and the leader board with the series winners, many congratulations to you all!


We hope to welcome you all back to our Show Jump Series in 2016, until then, happy riding!

Many Thanks,

Serpentine H&PC

Show Jump Committee


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Last updated: 29-Apr-2015 09:23 PM

Please note that the start time for our Show jump day this Saturday has been changed. 

Gate will open at 8am, course walk is at 8.30am. We will start jumping at 8.40 sharp. 

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Last updated: 27-Apr-2015 11:04 PM

Hello everyone

The draw is now available on Global Entries Online  and our Facebook page.

Please contact Lenneke Wiliamson at with any issues you may have regarding your entry and please notify me if you have any scratchings.

The helper duties have also been completed, please click here.

Helper Jobs SJ Event 3 2015 Helper Jobs SJ Event 3 2015 (13 KB)

Please check carefully as the helper job given may not be the one you have selected.

Please contact Kathy Mallory at with any helper duty issues, asap.

Please ensure you are ready to jump your rounds when called. We will be sticking to the draw order as much as possible. Some changes to the draw may occur due to scratchings etc- please check the draw posted on the whiteboard outside the Arena in which you are competing to see the lastest version of the draw.

We thank our sponsor Horseland for their continuing support and are looking forward to awarding some great  (series) prizes from our fantastic sponsor

Looking forward to seing everyone there for a great day of jumping!!


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Last updated: 19-Apr-2015 10:34 PM

Entries for our last Show Jump day of the year, held on May 2nd, close Saturday the 25th. Come and join the fun! Classes start at 45cm up to 105cm. PCAWA and Open riders with PCAWA insurance welcome. Just $15.00 per round! To be eligable for our Series prices competitors must ride at this event. To enter go 


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Helper Duty Roster Show jump day 2

Last updated: 01-Apr-2015 09:00 PM

Please find the Helper Duty Roster below for our Show Jump day this Saturday. ALL competitors need to check the helper roster as ALL competitors have been assigned a helper job, even when they did not select one, as it is a requirement to assist! This also keeps job lengths down for all!
If you have any issues please contact Kathy Mallory ASAP on Thanks every one! :

Helper Duty Roster SJD2 2015 Helper Duty Roster SJD2 2015 (13 KB)


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Show Jump Run Offs

Last updated: 26-Mar-2015 09:25 PM

Hello Every one,

Please find the draw and helper duties for this Saturday's Show Jump Run offs here:

Show Jump run off Draw 2015 Show Jump run off Draw 2015 (11 KB)

Show Jump helper duties 2015 Show Jump helper duties 2015 (10 KB)


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Last updated: 21-Mar-2015 10:49 AM

As there have been some changes in the zone classes we have made some small changes to the club run off program to ensure we have an event that allows both zone selection, and club selection without jumping excessive numbers of SJ rounds and exhausting our mounts (and organizers!)

The program for run offs (incorporates Zone classes too) is as follow|

Class 1   80 cm ponies (for zone and teams challenge)
Class 2.  85 cm ( for Brigit Woss team, ponies and horses)
Class 3   90cm  (for zone and teams challenge and Brigit
Woss 95 cm class provided riders competent to jump at 95)

Class 4 1m (zone and teams challenge)
Class 5 1.1m (zone)

I am sorry for the late change.  The change of zone classes has causes a bit of confusion  and the need for change in our program.  Please feel free to email queries!

Just a reminded that set up will be 1 pm sharp, and all riders are required to provide a helper for the duration of the event.  If we have sufficient numbers we maybe able to assign helper jobs and not all be there all afternoon but please presume at this stage that you will be required to be able to assist from 1 pm to around 5.30 pm.

Kathy mallory  

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Entries open Show Jump day 2

Last updated: 10-Mar-2015 11:10 PM

Hello Everyone

Entires are now OPEN for the second event in the Horseland Serpentine Horse and Pony Club Show Jumping Series being held on the 4th of April- Easter Saturday. Entries for our first event filled very quickly, so please don't leave it to the last minute to avoid disappointment! We hope to see lots of you there again. 
Thanks again to our generous sponsors Horseland for their continuing

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Show Jump day 1 Results

Last updated: 09-Mar-2015 11:56 AM

Hello everyone! Well our first Show Jump day of 2015 was last Saturday, please find the results below. The Show Jump committee wishes to thank everybody who came along and supported our event. Thank you riders, we had a huge amount of entries which is fantastic! Parents, brothers, sisters and all other fantastic helpers, you were great. Without you we could not run any of our events, you were all punctual and did a great job on a hot day, because of you the day ran very well. Thank you, it really is much appreciated. The Show Jump committee would also like to thank our fantastic sponsor Horseland! Congratualations to all voucher winners, we are sure you'll find something nice for your horse, or spoil your self, at Horseland. Thanks also to our photographer Red McQueen make sure you check out his awesome pictures at!

Please keep you diaries free for Show Jump day 2, on the 4th of April and the last one of the series, Show Jump day 3, on May 2nd. Serpy and Zone members, don't forget our runoff day on the 28th of March. We hope to see many of you soon at Serpentine Horse and Pony Club!

No media download found.

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Show Jump day helper duties

Last updated: 04-Mar-2015 12:50 PM

Please find helper duties here

helper duty sj 07-03-2015 helper duty sj 07-03-2015 (13 KB)

Please contact Kathy Mallory at with any helper duty issues.

Gates open at 7am, course walk at 8am with jumping to start at 8.10am sharp. We have a very big day of jumping ahead, so please ensure you are ready to jump your rounds when called. We will be sticking to the draw order as much as possible. Some changes to the draw may occur due to scratchings etc- please check the draw posted on the whiteboard outside the Arena in which you are competing to see the lastest version of the draw.

Happy Jumping!!


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SJ day 1 now open on Global Entries Online

Last updated: 06-Feb-2015 11:15 AM

Hi Everyone
SHPC has finalised the dates for our three event show jumping series
Our first Show Jump event is being held on  Saturday the 7th of March, with the courses being designed by Fred Freeman. Please find our program here 

SJ Series info 2015 SJ Series info 2015 (203 KB)

The other 2 dates are the 4th of April and May 2nd
Our series are included in the PCAWA Show Jumping Series.
Entries are now open on



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SHPC Handbook

Last updated: 20-Jan-2015 06:13 PM

Handbook Handbook (153 KB)


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Last updated: 13-Jan-2015 08:50 AM

"After careful consideration the eventing committee wishes to inform everyone that we are cancelling our first ODE for 2015.  The series will now consist of 2 events. We expect  we will continue with the 3 event series in 2016. We look forward to seeing you at SHPC and wish everyone a fun and safe eventing season!!"

Kind regards

Karina King

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State TET info

Last updated: 12-Jan-2015 08:10 PM

Hi everyone, pls click on the link below for all the State Tetrathlon info written by Alicia Sam-Hayes

TET 1 info 2015 TET 1 info 2015 (28 KB)


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PCAWA Eventing News Update

Last updated: 11-Jan-2015 06:01 PM

Eventing News Update 2015 Eventing News Update 2015 (541 KB)


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Megan Jones Clinic

Last updated: 10-Jan-2015 03:42 PM

Megan Jones Clinic @ Serpentine Horse & Pony Club on 14 & 15 February. If you are interested in attending please email your name and the grade that you are competing at to before 12 January as there is limited places available and if our members don't take up the spaces then we will offer them to outside riders. 

Cost $330.00 Which will also include the opportunity to have a casual dinner with Megan and signings and a chat. Megan has some fabulous stories to tell and is open to lots of questions.
Expecting a discount for members once numbers confirmed.


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Fun Rally Nov 2014

Last updated: 04-Dec-2014 10:20 PM


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Last updated: 04-Dec-2014 09:23 PM

Final leaderboard Eventing 2014 Final leaderboard Eventing 2014 (18 KB)


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ODE III 2014 Photo's

Last updated: 04-Dec-2014 09:37 PM


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Last updated: 26-Nov-2014 09:57 PM



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Eventing leaderboard

Last updated: 20-Oct-2014 08:27 PM

Eventing leaderboard Eventing leaderboard (28 KB)


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Dressage series results EA

Last updated: 05-Sep-2014 11:38 PM

EA Serpy Dressage Series Points

 Any queries please contact Tahna Lambert

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News, dates and upcoming events

Last updated: 04-Sep-2014 11:22 PM

SERPENTINE HPC - News, dates and upcoming events

*RALLIES - look forward to seeing everyone available at our last 4 rallies - September 7 (RSVP NOW to Gerry please),October 5,November 2 and December 6 or 7 windup/Funday/AGM - date and details tbc

*DRESSAGE CHAMPS  - Well done to all the Serpy reps at the August championships! Great job team.
Saddles plus Dressage Series #3 - October 19( entries shortly on Global) - EWA/Official and PCAWA. Helpers really needed. 

*EVENTING- Mandurah Stockfeeds/Saddles Plus Eventing Series #3 -NOVEMBER 29 AND 30
( not November 8 and 9 due to grounds clash for 2014 only) - entries shortly on K trials
*** SERPENTINE EXPRESS *** (EVIP warm up/format for 1.05 and 1.15m) planned for NOVEMBER 30is unfortunately NOT going ahead in 2014 …we will aim to host in 2015. Apologies

*SHOWHORSE- SHPC hosted Showhorse #2 event - SEPTEMBER 21 - entries on Global..  Congrats and thanks for a wonderful show ( with Dressage Team) held on 17 August . Super feedback from all attending. Love your work !

PPMG and EVENTING STATE CHAMPS - Good Luck to all competing at the upcoming Championships… Ride safe all and Go SERPY !


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Changing General Committee meeting to next Tuesday ( Aug 26) 7.30 at Club house

Last updated: 19-Aug-2014 09:19 AM

Dear members,

Please note our general committee meeting has been postponed to next TUESDAY AUG 26 @ 7.30 


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Dressage Draw 17 August

Last updated: 13-Aug-2014 08:45 PM

Dressage Draw 17 Aug 2014 Dressage Draw 17 Aug 2014 (39 KB)


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Challenge Cup

Last updated: 07-Aug-2014 09:34 PM

Hello Everyone,


Venue: Log Fence Pony Club

Hoffman Road, Yarloop

Saturday 30th August

Dressage/ Show Jumping/ Novelties

Come join the fun, suport our Zone and earn points for our Club!

Please find all info here 

Challenge Cup Challenge Cup (511 KB)


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Final HORSELAND SHPC Show Jumping Series Results and THANKYOU

Last updated: 07-Aug-2014 09:58 PM

Dear Jennie ( and other store managers) and the marvellous HORSELAND teams,

Delighted to advise that our 3 event HORSELAND series has been received extraordinarily well by the jumping community this year. A great success with strong entries on all dates ( averaging 100 riders each event) and super competition each time.
Our final event on Saturday 27 July was a wonderful day - really reasonable weather and super courses combined with quality larger fields and good spirited competition across all classes. 
Results for the series are in the table attached and all Rug and saddle cloth winners were thrilled.
Pleased to also advise that we had several competitors from the southwest come to our events and a good number from the hills and northern suburbs so we hope you are able to see many customers redeeming their prize vouchers at each of the WA stores.

We will  shortly send /post online and to fb some photos of the rug presentation for all to share .
THANK YOU enormously for your generous sponsorship, cooperation and encouragement to our club - it is really appreciated.
So, looking forward to catching up again soon and to inviting you all to be part of our end of year celebrations planned for November 30 as well as 2015.

Kindest regards from all the member families at the Serpentine HPC,
Ann Marie Lowry


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SHPC Junior Committee β€œOSCARS/HOLLYWOOD” Quiz Night

Last updated: 07-Aug-2014 09:44 PM

SHPC Junior Committee “OSCARS/HOLLYWOOD” Quiz Night - Saturday July 26.
Everyone at Serpy Pony Club is very proud and excited that so many people have told us that they had a fun night at our recent quiz nite organised and hosted by our fabulous younger members. The night was a great success and we will be making our donation to Breast Care WA shortly . Thanks to all who attended and got behind this initiative.
As well as congratulating the hard working committee and our volunteers on the night ( scoreroom and bar) we would like to sincerely acknowledge the businesses in the following honour roll who supported this particular event and deserve our gratitude and , more importantly, our support and business ! THANK YOU ALL !!!

Saddles Plus - (Johnson Family)
Oakford Stockfeeds - ( Chester family)
Amadea Resort and Villas , Bali
Drivesafe WA ( Van Leewin family) 
Red Fotos
Alcoa WA
Anitone Australia ( Ahmat Family)
Budget Stockfeeds
Serpentine Tavern ( Amber and Holly)
Mundella Dairy 
Serpentine Rural Supplies ( Roy Dekker and team)
Cadbury fundraisers ( Mcquirter Family) 
Little Acres Hire, Mundijong ( Alan Squires and team)
Serpentine Liquor Store ( Karen and Tony and team) 
Younique  Deluxe Makeup ( Dayle Parker)
T2 Carousel
Kaitlin Woods Show Prep
Equissentially - (Deb and team)
Bucketz Boots (Lisa Orrell)
Total Eden, Byford ( Mitch and team)
Red Rooster ( Frank and Team), Armadale
Pimp My Pony- Rebecca 
Chicken Treat Byford ( Cathy Baker and team)
Code Red hair Salon
Equiwear ( Hana Thompson and team) 
Les Bunning Show Jump Coaching ( Saddles Plus Sponsored Coach) 
Butlers Equine ( Martin and Simone)
Foothills Tattoo
AK Paint place Armadale ( Debbie and team)
Veccia Family ( donated artwork) 
Serpentine Butcher
Designer Hooves ( Lambert Family) 
Capall Irish Tack Girls ( Susanne and family)
Curl Up and Dye ( Amanda and Team)
Byford Tavern ( Holgate family)
Byford Bikes ( Bevan)
Byford Bakery
Mundijong Fish and Chips ( Yvonne , Kelly and team)   
Byford Fish and Chips
Byford Video ( Simpson Family)
Hans Café , Armadale ( Nic and team)
Bounce Inc, Cannington 
Central Surf Armadale ( Garratt and team)
Mosh Pit, Armadale ( Georgia and team)  
Aryline Stud ( Simmons Family)
Subway Byford ( Joe and team)
Byford and Armadale Pets ( Sally and team) 
Mad Cow Café, Byford
Silverson Byford Vet( Dr Joan Deetman and team)
Dark Selections ( Lesley and team)
Wayne Edwards Sunglasses and Photography 
Vicki Smith Browbands 
Magic Hands pressure Point Therapy ( Marriott family)  
Local Tattoo Studio , Keysbrook ( Tony and team)
Aussie Platinum Photography 


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Helper jobs SHPC Show Jump day 3 2014

Last updated: 24-Jul-2014 11:00 PM

Please find helper jobs below.

Helper jobs SJ 3 2014 Helper jobs SJ 3 2014 (200 KB)


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Upcoming events, help needed pls :)

Last updated: 24-Jul-2014 10:56 PM

Hi Serpy and SARG members and friends of Serpy
Another 2 huge weekends coming up for our great club !!
AND surprise, surprise …we need some help to make our events even more successful.
  • MONSTER FUNDRAISING QUIZNITE -  major Sponsors are Saddles Plus and Oakford Stockfeeds but great prizes from everywhere - 7 pm Saturday 26 July at the Main Serpy Town Hall/Gym ( Clem Kentish)  - ANYONE - especially Husbands,  Dads and Boyfriends who can lend a hand with set up and jobs before and on the night… a few hours….would be VERY appreciated. We need; hall set up ( from 2 pm), bouncers, scoreroom helpers ( very easy),raffle ticket sellers, bar attendees/staff, cleaner uppers , odd jobs…The Junior Committee have done a spectacular job to make this fun night a reality - lets get behind them ! Tickets and Tables still available. Call AM to discuss or Volunteer 0410612046
  • HORSELAND SHPC Showjumping day -Sunday 27 July …as usual Canteen helpers required please …anyone available for a slot between 9-3 ? Call Kathy Mallory on 0409 661 082. Thanks Horseland and  SJ COMMITTEE for another super effort
  • AUGUST RALLY AND SPECIAL SLEEPOVER CAMP -  Instructor Crystal , assisted by some of our great senior riders , is coordinating a fun day of extra activities for kids and ponies on Saturday 2 August followed by a sleepover at the club to celebrate our horses and ponies birthdays …AWESOME fun ! Regular rally follows  on Sunday 3 August...get involved to help and/or participate and please RSVP  urgently /ask questions to Crystal on 0420982535 or Gerry on 0407173788  

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Serpentine Dressage No 2

Last updated: 23-Jul-2014 11:13 PM

Serpentine Dressage No 2

Hi Serpentine members. We are holding our next dressage day on 17 August which will be a combined Show Horse Day. This is a great opportunity to get some last tests ridden before State Dressage Champs on 23rd and 24th August.

Tests on offer are Prep C & D, Prelim 1.2 & 1.3, Novice 2.2 & 2.3, Elementary 3.2 & 3.3. For SHPC series points the higher test will be counted eg D, 1.3, 2.3, 3.3. Entries are via Global Entries under Dressage and are $25 per test plus $2.5 PCAWA series levy per test.

Come and have a go at Show horse as well between tests. You can enter on Global Entries or on the day


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May and June Message to members

Last updated: 03-Jul-2014 11:17 PM

Dear  wonderful SHPC members !
Oh my goodness what an enormously busy  2 months our club and members have had !
Please ensure that you read the info here as at least some of it will definitely involve or effect you !

May 4 and June 8 rallies were well attended and went off really well with reports of lots of general improvements in rider skills and great behaviour so well done to you all.  We did have a few spills and everyone is reminded to ensure that they assist the Rally team to fill in the accident reports that are required by PCAWA after any fall. Please remember that active participation and Rally attendance is an integral part of PC membership and attendance by members at rallies will be considered when offering places in 2015.
August rally - we have traditionally had a sleepover rally to celebrate the Horses Birthday …please get in touch with Gerry if you would like to be involved  this year- STAY TUNED ! 
RALLY July 6-Everyone ensure they have RSVP’d to Gerry. Certificates will be presented 😊.

Congrats and thanks to Tahna Lambert and the tireless Dressage Committee  and extra club helpers ( such as Jo Horridge, Deb McGrath. Lenny Williamson, Anthea DeGroot and the wonderful Sams Hayes family) for presenting a superb Dressage competition on June 29( sponsored by Saddles Plus and others) . Great job to the club riders that competed too and we look forward to seeing many more out at our next  SHPC competition  on August 17. A great way to start your dressage competition experience.
  • Part proceeds from this day will be donated to BREAST CARE WA 😊
STATE PCAWA DRESSAGE CHAMPS  - well done to the riders that tried out and have qualified to represent our club at this years dressage championships. Thank you to Lenny W for organising the tryouts and Champ entries for the club. Our musical ride with 16 riders will be a
big highlight for us ! 
**ZONE runoffs on Saturday July 5th at Murray if anyone would like to be a late entry in that please contact me urgently. 

May was a huge month for SHPC Showjumping ! May 3 saw another great jumping competition conducted at our grounds ( Sponsored by Horseland). The final SJ event in this series will be held on  July 27- entries open now on Global and heights are 45-110cm.
Thank you and well done to our Jumping Committee led by the wonderful Belinda Lamont and Kathy Mallory for their dedication to our SJ events - more help really needed and welcomed.
Delighted to report that our team of 13 proud riders did a super job at the state championships this year. One of our teams came second in the prestigious Brigid Woss turnout and Equitation class and won a $250 jumping bursary for the club. This team also made the finals in the Saturday team final and represented the club very professionally. Thanks to our special coach TREVOR MARCH for his tuition and support - your help on the day was really appreciated by the riders. Trevors feedback was that he complimented the team on their efforts and commented on the quality of their riding and attitudes. Well Done  team !
** Royal Show - PCAWA classes start at 85cm …think about entering ( By AUG 6)  

SHPC ODE # 2 was successfully conducted on the long weekend on May 31& June1. We were fortunate to have good weather, no major accidents or holdups and all  riders seemed to have a great event. We look forward to seeing many more SHPC  riders entering ODE #3 on November 29 and 30. Many of our riders have been out and about eventing recently and we congratulate all those riders for their determination , courage and for some great results. PLEASE remember that you must register for the PCAWA eventing series if you wish to be on that leaderboard.
Remember to qualify for PCAWA Eventing champs ( 13 September in Narrogin) you must have 2 good completions at your height (80cm and above) by 13 August 2014….see PCAWA rules.
Congrats to our eventers Juliette King ( 95cm)  and Keely Lambert ( 80)who are part of the WA interschools eventing team in 2014 and will be off to Victoria to compete in September.

We are coming up to the games season and coordinator ALICIA SAMS HAYES is keen to see all active riders and games hopefuls at Rallys  ready to train, learn and then ride in this years teams. This is so much fun and all about having a go so get involved !

The showhorse team are getting very excited about presenting our first showday for 2014 on August 17. See the FB page and website for more info or contact Maxine Barron on 0410 601 704. Well done to Sophie Pyle, Orleans Graetz and Chelsea Garland for being selected in Showhorse events for the WA Interschool team in 2014.   

CLUB BUSINESS and General Committee  Meeting
Please be on notice that we will be changing the JULY GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING from Tuesday JULY 22to Tuesday July 29. All General Committee members are urged to attend as we will be voting on several matters including age of riding members, the amendments to the Licence for the facilities with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, SARG and several other matters at that meeting. An agenda with special items will be circulated to the GC not later than 15 July. we also have a vacancy in the club executive ( Vice President) and welcome nominees for that position.  Ad Hoc Nominations for any club committee are also always welcome - the more the better ! Please contact me if you have any queries or require information.

SHPC JUNIOR COMMITTEE - Fundraising Quiz Nite SATURDAY 26 JULY in Serpentine.
Calling ALL club members - and friends of Serpy- to get involved, come along and support our young leaders as they present the SHPC Red Carpet “OSCARS” themed night of fun and frivolity in the name of fundraising for the club and BREAST CARE WA. see Facebook for more info or call Oscar Graetz on 0439 195 544

Finally - happy holidays and safe riding …Keep an eye on all the info coming out from our subcommittees so that you don't miss out on important entries and news.

Lots of serpy love to you all , your families and horses !!
On behalf of everyone having horsey fun and working for our members 😊
Ann Marie 0410 612 046

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Helper Duties for Jill Stanton Dressage Day this Sunday

Last updated: 27-Jun-2014 09:24 AM

Hello everybody. Please find the Helper Duties for our Jill Stanton Dressage Day this Sunday. 

Good luck to all and have a great time :)


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Last updated: 23-May-2014 02:55 PM


Hi SHPC members
First - Good luck to all our riders at the PCAWA Show jump champs this weekend - ride safe and try and keep dry and happy 😊

Second , Dressage Champs are coming up very fast …please see all the following info about Dressage qualifying, runoffs and entries. Love to see as many as possible getting involved. Lenny Williamson ( 0466 591 928) is our coordinator and your queries and entries should be directed to her AFTER YOU HAVE READ ALL THE INFO and looked at the PCAWA website.

Thanks again to everyone who steps up to assist - we still need more help with all our activities and competition days .

Cheers all
Ann Marie Lowry

Hi Every one

Serpentine Horse & Pony Club will be conducting the Club Runoffs/ Closed Dressage Day on the 14 of June to determine who will be representing our club at the PCAWA State Dressage Championships on the 23-24 August 2014. We will have qualified judges on the day so if you do not have a qualifying test of 57% or more before the 14 of June you can try and achieve one on the day! I have attached all relevant tests.

  • 9 AM start
  • Free of charge :)
  • Test are 1.2,  2.2, 3.2.  Stuart Harkness/ Wanda Nelson (pairs test) Prix Caprilli (with jumps)
  • Kanandah/ Gingamurrah test. (Teams may/may not need to runoff according to entries)
  • Horses and ponies to be plaited
  • No calling of tests
  • Full SHPC uniform. (You only dress up ride to music at the championships)
  • Please register ASAP 
  • Last enteries taken at our next rally 9 June 
  • Please read all the information below to make sure you know all the rules and to determine if you are eligible to compete.

Please email entries as soon as you can to with the following info
  1. Name rider
  2. Name horse
  3. Birthday of rider & age as of 1 January
  4. Test you want to ride at the runoffs
  5. Classes you would like to be considered for to compete at the Championships

Looking forward to a great day and I hope to see you all there. 
Good luck, give it all you got and have fun!

Lenneke Williamson (0466591928) 

 PCAWA Dressage Championships

23-24 August 2014



In winter every year PCAWA hold the State Dressage Championships. This is a great event and has many amazing competitions, including riding tests in pairs, riding tests in fours, riding dressage tests with jumps in them, riding to music and riding with both horse and rider completely dressed up (as well as just straight normal dressage tests). Pony clubs must send their best dressage riders to this competition which is held at the State Equestrian Centre in Brigadoon.


All the club riders from all over WA then take part in the competitions and earn points for their pony club. In order to decide which riders to send from our club we have to have a competition at the club run offs on the 14 of June. At the run offs riders must enter the individual test and the pairs test (Wandi Nelson/Stuart Harkness) if they think they want to go for that, and/or jumping test (Prix Caprilli) With those results we can then see who has earned their place on the Serrpentine HPC dressage team for the State Championships. This is a great honour and earns the rider a club jacket that is especially embroidered (for team events ridden in Pony Club uniform).

If you want to do pairs you need to think about getting a partner from the club and practicing the Wanda Nelson /Stuart Harkness as soon as possible.


Anyone can nominate to ride in the Musical Ride at the State Dressage Champs (you don't have to win at run offs or have a qualifying test). The Musical ride is a massive team (up to 16 riders) who do a ride to music in costume. The ride is choreographed so that it tells a story. It takes a lot of practise and commitment to be on the team as the team will have to get together often but it is great fun and a fantastic spectacle. One of the highlights of the Championships! The team is filling up quick so get in fast to not miss out! 


So hopefully that has inspired all of you to get practicing, pick partners, think about dress ups and spend some fun dressage time with your horses and ponies!




. Qualifying Criteria for the Championships


  1. Horse and Rider combination to have attended three working rallies of a Pony Club, two of which must have been at the Club which they will be representing.


  1. Rider’s age is calculated as at 1st January 2014


  1. EA Rules for Dressage will apply except in respect of PCAWA Gear Checking requirements. Gear is as defined in the current PCAWA Gear Checking Manual.


  1. Pony Club uniform to be worn (or Zone uniform in Zone events). Freestyles & Pas de Deux and Musical to be ridden in costume and to music. All riders must wear an approved safety helmet and long or short riding boots. Riders presenting NOT in costume will NOT be permitted to ride.


  1. A competitor is only allowed to enter one horse/pony for the weekend. A horse may only be ridden by one Rider for the duration of the Championships weekend.


  1. All participants MUST supply someone to fulfil a helper duty. Each Pony Club will be allocated to run an event (eg supply writer, marshaller, gear checker etc) It is the responsibility of all entrants to fulfil your/the club’s duties as failure to do so will lead to club elimination. In the event of a rider scratching/withdrawing the rider/club is still responsible for the allocated helper duty us. Please keep in mind this event runs over two days and you may be required to do your helper job on a different day to what you compete at.


  1. A test from 2013 Dressage Championships can be used to qualify. Training test are not permitted to be used as qualifying tests. Qualifying period is from the Championships 2013 to the close of entries for the 2014 Championships.


 Prelim/ Novice Freestyle qualification guidelines: To qualify for this event a horse/rider combination must have completed 1 Preliminary test with a percentage score of 57% or better.  Test to be from a recognised competition/event or the dressage phase of a competition where an EA test is used and must be judged by either an EWA or PCAWA approved Judge. Clubs may enter only 2 riders per age bracket. For 17 Years & over age bracket - Clubs may enter more than 2 riders, if sufficient entries are received, this age bracket will be further broken down.

The Freestyle competition will comprise of the following classes:


Preliminary/Novice Riders 10 years & under

Riders 11 – 13yrs years

Riders 14 – 16yrs years

Riders 17 years & Over

Elementary Riders 17 years & over

Riders 16 years & under

Medium Members/Associates


Riders must be entered in their age group only


Maximum time allowed is 4.30 minutes. Test time starts at first halt and ends at the last salute. Entry music is required with a maximum of 20 seconds. Failure to do so will incur elimination as will the inclusion of exit music. 


          Elementary & Elementary Freestyle qualification guidelines: To qualify for this event a horse/rider combination must have completed 1 elementary test with a percentage score of 57% or better. Test to be from a recognised competition/event or the dressage phase of a competition where an EA test is used and must be judged by either an EWA or PCAWA approved Judge. Clubs may enter only 2 riders per age bracket. For the 17 Years & over age bracket - Clubs may enter more than 2 riders, if sufficient entries are received, this age bracket will be further broken down.


Elementary Freestyle/Medium Freestyle

Maximum time allowed is 5 minutes. Test time starts at first halt and ends at the last salute. Entry music is required with a maximum of 20 seconds. Failure to do so will incur elimination as will the inclusion of exit music.

Kanandah, Gingamurrah, Prix Caprilli, Wanda Nelson & Stuart Harkness Qualification Guidelines: Horse/rider combinations must have achieved 57% or better in any preliminary test to qualify. Test to be from a recognised competition/event or the dressage phase of a competition where an EA test is used and must be judged by either an EWA or PCAWA approved Judge.


        Kanandah Trophy

Club team to consist of four riders 25 years of age and under, rider’s age as at the 1st January 2014.


Gingamurrah Trophy

Club team to consist of four riders 13 years and under, rider’s age as at the 1st January 2014.


The Kanandah and Gingamurrah Trophies will be judged as follows: Workout, with a separate Turnout component.


The Prix Caprilli is a test which combines dressage with jumping cavalletti.

The test will be for pairs of RIDERS ANY AGE, HORSE/PONIES ANY HEIGHT, with each rider undertaking the same test individually, and the scores will be added together.


Stuart Harkness

For Club Pairs of Horses over 14.2 hands – maximum of two pairs per Club.

For Riders 25 years and under.


Wanda Nelson

For Club Pairs of Ponies 14.2 hands and under – maximum of two pairs per Club.

Riders 25 years and under


      Pas De Deux- Horse/rider combination must have achieved 57% or better in any preliminary test to qualify. Test to be from a recognised competition/event or the dressage phase of a competition where an EA test is used and must be judged by either an EWA or PCAWA approved Judge.

Movements in this test are now permitted up to and including Elementary level.


There will be two classes, one for pair of ponies 14.2h and under, and the other for pair of horses over 14.2h.

Height certificates may be required. Placing will be awarded to 6th place.

This must be ridden in Fancy Dress, although Safety Helmets and Long or Short Riding Boots are compulsory. Time starts from the first halt to the last halt. Entry music is required with a maximum of 20 seconds. Failure to do so will incur elimination. Minimum time 4 minutes, maximum time 4 ½ minutes. Exit music will incur elimination.

Medium & Medium Freestyle Test Qualification Guidelines: Horse/rider combination must have achieved 57% or better in a medium test. Test to be from a recognised competition/event or the dressage phase of a competition where an EA test is used and must be judged by either an EWA or PCAWA approved Judge.



Plunkett Qualification Guidelines: For preliminary level, horse/rider combination must have achieved 57% or better in any preliminary test. For novice level, riders must have achieved 57% or better in any novice test. Test to be from a recognised competition/event or the dressage phase of a competition where an EA test is used and must be judged by either an EWA or PCAWA approved Judge.

The Plunkett Teams event 2014 will have the tests 1.2, 1.3, 2.2 and 2.3 Teams from each Pony Club, to consist of three or four members, with one only in each class – the best three scores to count. Scoring will be taken from PLACINGS in each arena, with individual marks to be used in the event of a draw. Rider’s age as at the 1st  January 2014. Riders will be permitted to ride above their age group but not below. Placings will be awarded to 6th place for teams, and to 6th place for individual age groups. The classes will be (one Pony Club member in each - see above)

A - 16 Years and over EA Novice 2.3 (Arena 1)

B - 14 & 15 Years EA Novice 2.2 (Arena 2)

C - 12 & 13 Years EA Preliminary 1.3 (Arena 3)

D - 11 years & under EA Preliminary 1.2 (Arena 4)

Clubs may nominate 2 teams stating clearly which team is team 1 and which is team 2. Depending upon entries received, the 2nd team may be balloted out. Clubs may enter individuals who will be placed into composite teams where possible.

Musical Ride: there is NO qualifying dressage test score required for this class.


The Musical rides will be held in the indoor arena at the State Equestrian Centre, and the size of the arena will be 70 metres x 30 metres. It is most likely to be held Saturday evening from 5 o'clock onward. It is ridden in costume and to music, between 6-8 min in duration. The team will consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 riders.

This competition will be judged on the overall effect and theme of the ride as a whole, with consideration being given to the Work as a Team, the Music, the Choreography, and Costuming, Cantering is optional

An approved Safety Helmet and Long or Short Riding Boots must be worn. Unmounted or led participants are not permitted.

All riders, having entered the arena, must remain in the arena for the duration of the routine.

Places will be presented to 6th place for Pantomime Ride. Additional places will be awarded for costume to 6th place. All other riders in the competition will receive a participation prize.

Please note; to enter you MUST fulfil a helper duty which could be allocated to you on either Saturday or sunday.


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2014 Revised Gear Checking Precis

Last updated: 22-May-2014 10:35 AM




2014 Revised Gear Checking Precis 2014 Revised Gear Checking Precis (1281 KB)


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Serpentine HPC Closed Dressage Afternoon

Last updated: 22-May-2014 10:36 AM

Serpentine HPC Closed Dressage Afternoon
 31 May after ODE Dressage
Judges are EA Qualified so riders who still require to gain a qualifying score of over 57% as a qualifying test for the Dressage Championships this would be beneficial for you.
We have a few places still available for this.
Cost will be $10...
Horses are to be plaited
There will be no ribbons awarded
The 2 tests that will be available are the Prelim 1.1 and 2.1
Please email me on your details and test you wish to do. 
If you have any questions please email me.
Happy riding everyone.  

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Dressage day 1

Last updated: 14-May-2014 10:57 PM

Saddles Plus Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day on 29 June is open for entries on Global.  

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Helper Roster SJ 3rd May

Last updated: 01-May-2014 10:35 PM

Event Detail Name
2014 Horseland Show Jumping Series- Event 2
Rider Surname Rider First Name Horse Name
Friday Course set-up 3pm Williams Angela HARLEQUIN
Friday Course set-up 3pm Watson Annabelle KIMBERLEY JARRANANGA
Friday Course set-up 3pm Rosenberg Caitlin PEARL OF PRIORY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Ouary Danielle KODA
Friday Course set-up 3pm Moody Jade JAKOMAS JUNGLEBOOK
Friday Course set-up 3pm Edwards Chris  (N/R) SAXON PALACE
Friday Course set-up 3pm Moody Jade BELLAROSSA BEAU
Friday Course set-up 3pm Stephens Jan  JAMBALA MR E (JOAL)
Friday Course set-up 3pm Holligan Jasmine  TRIBAL JUSTICE
Friday Course set-up 3pm Whitfield Kariss INTENDELI WARRIOR
Friday Course set-up 3pm Miller Karlene PAVLICH
Friday Course set-up 3pm Wilson Nicola  HOPE
Friday Course set-up 3pm Mcphillips  Paula  MARUNOUCHI 
Friday Course set-up 3pm Lloyd Robyn ARCTIC REEF
Friday Course set-up 3pm Underwood Sarah GIBBOS GOLDEN DREAM
Gear check
7.40 - 9 Radecker Tanaya MORNINGSIDE MUSICMAKER
9-10.30 DeGroot Ashleigh ZIA PARK MISCHIEF MAKER
10.30-12 Thompson Alyssa SHANGRALA THE COMEDIAN
12- end Ransom Claire (N/R) BAMBOROUGH DAVINIA
Arena 1 - co-ordinator Karina King
Gate Marshall Arena 1
45 cm classes Ransom Sarah CHARISMA REPERTOIRE
45 cm classes Steele Emily CLANCY
60 cm classes Evans Bradley HARRY
60 cm classes Harris Matilda  FIESTLY PARK LITTLE MINX
70 cm class McLean Laura MT ROBINSON BLACKIE
70 cm class Bernacki-Lang Phoebe CORNISH KING
80cm classes Geneve Chloe LUCY
Arena 1 Rails and course change
45 cm classes Gibbs Ashleigh NICKURRA TROOPERS MASTERPIECE
45 cm classes Mitchell Cameron THE GAMEKEEPER
60 cm classes Walker Bianca DEVANTE
60 cm classes McKay Caitlyn GYLNYARRA PARK CHANDON
70 and 80 cm classes Williams Katelyn  AHLENBURG ARMINIA
70 and 80 cm classes Fraser Angus MISS BEHAVE
Arena 1 Pencilling
45 cm classes Colling Phoebe TINY TIM
60 cm class Molson Evie BOLD STRIKER
70 cm class Pauley Caitlin CRUZ CONTROL
80 cm class Barron Storm BUMBLE BEE
Arena 2 co-ordinator Gerry Atkinson
Gate Marshall Arena 2
85 cm class Zilko Nicole CHARLSTON
85 cm class Horvath Tiffany STORM
90 cm class Morrison-Tweedie Kiara HOFFMANS MOLLY
90 cm class Thompson Narelle BILL
1m and 110 class Howard Carly OH SWEET CHILLI OF MINE
1m and 110 class Young Cathy YOUNG RONCERO
Arena 2 Rails and course change
85 cm classes Ferguson  Tanya  GOLDEN COLOURS
9.30-11 (90 cm) Thompson Niamh  AMBERLEA CLASS ACT
90 cm classes Deetman Mikaela NEWHOPE ALLEGIANCE
1m and 110m classes Fell-Smith Thomas RAFIKI RAGLAN
Arena 2 Time keeping
85 cm classes Dique Ami WENDAMAR TAMARIN
90 cm classes Tomsett Ashton GOLD CITY
1m and 110m classes Devlin Aureanna WILLOW ANGUS
Canteen Helper
8-9.30 Sargison Anthea DANCIN A CAN CAN
9.30-11 Smit Kayla LITTLE BLACK HALO
9.30-11 Garland Chelsea ROSEBROOK PLAYBOY
11-12.30 Harris Eloise  (N/R) GORDON PARK MATILDA
11-12.30 Murphy Lauren HARRY 
12.30-2 Graetz Carsten CARONA PARK FAMOUS
12.30-2 Edwards Heather IRISH WING
1 - 3 pm Graetz Carsten ARGYLY MAGIC WIZARD
1-2.30 Kurtjak Mikhala SPRING VALLEY ZODIAC
Office Lachenicht Nicola PENRHYS SECRET AGENT
9-11 judges resheshments Picton Donna MIRAWEE MOONDUST
11-1 pm judges refreshments Ramsay Tara DARK ILLUSION
Pack Away Hanson Alison LAND SPEED STAR
Pack Away Gibbons Anna DESCERADO ODIN (ODIE)
Pack Away Plaskett Ashleigh KANDINSKY
Pack Away Plaskett Ashleigh PERINGA PHAROAH
Pack Away O'Hehir Jenny EDDIE
Pack Away Sheridan Lauren EDORAS PARK BREGO
Pack Away Walker Michelle MISS ATTITUDE
Pack Away Smith Rachel GKO ARPEGGIO

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HORSELAND SHPC SHOWJUMPING DAY - Easter Saturday 19/4/2014

Last updated: 22-Apr-2014 07:00 PM

Well done to the SJ Committee and all the club helpers who pulled together to host a fabulous day of jumping this weekend at SHPC !! Great Job . Thanks too to our fabulous sponsor HORSELAND for the very generous prizes and vouchers 😊

Great photos available now on Redfotos ! Thanks Red and team.
Full results from show #1 available on Global now

Next event in our SHPC HORSELAND SJ series is 2 weeks away - Saturday May 3 2014 - entries open now on Global so hope to see everyone there for another great day of competition and fun ! .

Congrats to all competing SHPC members who rode and well done especially to the placegetters :
45cm( junior)  - Caitlyn McKay - 2nd,  Dannielle Ouary - 3rd, Bradley Evans - 4th. 
60cm(junior) - Chloe Gee - 2nd, Bradley Evans - 6th
60cm ( senior) - Jess Hamersley -6th
70cm ( junior) - Justin Sams Hayes - 2nd, India Levene - 3rd,Jasmine Holligan - 5th
80cm (junior) -Justin Sams Hayes - 1st,India Levene - 3rd
80cm (senior)- Kealey McGrath - 2nd,mLauren Sams Hayes - 4th
85cm- Kealey McGrath - 4th
90cm- Lauren Sams Hayes -3rd,Shelby Atkinson - 4th,Georgia Lowry-6th
1m - Jess Hamersely - 3rd
*special mention to Alicia Sams Hayes and  Trudi Watts who also had a great day out in the open classes.

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Happy Easter SHPC families !

Last updated: 18-Apr-2014 11:16 PM

Wishing you all a happy and safe easter …enjoy!

Meanwhile, good luck to our riders ( below) competing in the Horseland SHPC Show Jump day #1 tomorrow Sat April 19. We are at the grounds from 3 today to set up and could use help from any members that have an hour or so to assist - or come down and watch tomorrow? Great to see over a quarter of our 2014 members plus several from SARG, our extended family, competing this weekend …Go Serpy!   

Zollie Hannah, Sally Ellis, Jess Hamersley, Shelby Atkinson, Georgia Lowry, India Levene, Sammi Lamont,Kealey McGrath, Lauren Sams Hayes, Chiara De Groot, Nicola Lachenicht, Claire Goater, Grace Lamont, Chelsea Garland, Justin Sams Hayes, Danielle Ouary, Ashleigh DeGroot,Jasmine Holligan, Ellie Stroud, Chloe Gee, Carissa Watts, Bradley Evans, Caitlyn Mckay and the very brave Alicia Sams Hayes and Trudi Watts! We will all be keen to also see how our coach Trevor March goes on his 2 young horses ! Have fun and safe jumping . 

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Helper roster SJ

Last updated: 18-Apr-2014 11:17 PM

Event Detail Name
2014 Horseland Show Jumping Series- Event 1
Friday Course set-up 3pm
Friday Course set-up 3pm Donovan Ailish 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Donovan Angus 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Young Cathy 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Knuckey Indiana 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Whitfield Kariss 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Sams-Hayes Lauren 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Nelson Matilda 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Hymers Naomi 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Thompson Niamh  3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Cullinan Courtney 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Hannah Zollie 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Zilko Nicole 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Ferguson  Tanya  3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Moody Jade 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Edwards Chris  (N/R) 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Holton Tilly 3 PM FRIDAY
Friday Course set-up 3pm Gerryts Wouter 3 PM FRIDAY
Co-ordinator Arena 1 Levene India 7.45
Co-ordinator Arena 2 Ellis Sally 7.45
Gate Marshall Arena 1
Gate Marshall Arena 1 Smit Kayla 9.30-11.0
Gate Marshall Arena 1 Williams Katelyn  11-12.15pm
Gate Marshall Arena 1 McGrath Kealey  7.45-9.30
Gate Marshall Arena 1 Delaney Kylie 7.45-9.30
Gate Marshall Arena 1 Fraser Angus 12.15 - 1.30
Gate Marshall Arena 1 Possingham Breanna 9.30-11.0
Gate Marshall Arena 1 Young Sianee 1.15 -end
Gate Marshall Arena 2
Gate Marshall Arena 2 Young Cathy 12.15 - end
Gate Marshall Arena 2 Hamersley Jessica 11-12.15pm
Gate Marshall Arena 2 Harris Matilda  9.30-11
Gate Marshall Arena 2 Robson Abbey 9.30-11
Gate Marshall Arena 2 Hatch Sarah 7.45-9.30
Gate Marshall Arena 2 Lill Tessa 7.45-9.30
Gear check - both arenas
Gear check Sams-Hayes Justin 7.30-9
Gear check Radecker Zavier 7.30-9
Gear check DeGroot Ashleigh 11 - 12.45
Gear check Madaffari Joanne 10.30-11.45
Gear check Brown Pippa 9-10.30
Gear check Shanks Rebecca 12.45-end
Gear check Edwards Heather 9-10.30
Arena 1 -penciller report to office
Penciller Williams Angela 7.45-9.30
Penciller Roe Dorothy 12.30 -end
Penciller Duncan Emilee  11-12.30
Penciller Dique Lynn 9.30-11
Arean 2 - time keeper report to office
Time keeper Sinclair Elle 7.45-9.30
Time keeper Morrison-Tweedie Kiara 11-12.30
Time keeper Duncan  Molly 12.30-2
Time keeper Lloyd Robyn 9.30pm-11
Time keeper Bishop Courtney 9.30pm-11
Rail Crew Arena 1
Rail Crew Siegwart Isabelle 8-9.30
Rail Crew Tomsett Ashton 8-9.30
Rail Crew Nairn Rebecca 9.30-11
Rail Crew Mitchell Cameron 9.30-11
Rail Crew Kononen Sara 11-12.30pm
Rail Crew Butler Danielle 11-12.30pm
Rail Crew Horvath Tiffany 12.30 -end
Rail Crew Laycock Eliza 12.30 -end
Rail Crew Arena 2
Rail Crew Plaskett Ashleigh 8-9.30
Rail Crew McKay Caitlyn 9.30-11
Rail Crew Goater Claire  11-12.30pm
Rail Crew Bell Emily 12.30-2pm
Canteen Helper
Canteen Helper Sargison Anthea 8-9.30
Canteen Helper Middendorp Ashleigh 8-9.30
Canteen Helper Garland Chelsea 9.30-11
Canteen Helper Geneve Chloe 9.30-11
Canteen Helper Ouary Danielle 9.30-11
Canteen Helper Ouary Danielle 11-1.30
Canteen Helper McColl Donna  11-1.30
Canteen Helper Walker Michelle 11-1.30
Canteen Helper Mcphillips  Paula  1 -2.30
Canteen Helper Campbell Meg 1 -2.30
Canteen Helper O'Hehir Molly 1.30 -3
Office Stroud Tess
Office Holligan Jasmine 
Office Watts Trudi
Self help present to office
Self help present to office Plaskett Ashleigh Cleaning
Self help present to office Evans Bradley Cleaning
Self help present to office Pettit Claire Cleaning
Self help present to office Rogers Grace Judges refreshments / runner
Self help present to office McCarthy Stacie Judges refreshments / runner
Self help present to office Ramsay Tara Judges refreshments / runner
Pack Away Hanson Alison
Pack Away Harris Eloise  (N/R)
Pack Away Humphreys Megan rose
Pack Away Deetman Mikaela
Pack Away Thompson Narelle
Pack Away Parkinson Nikki
Pack Away george courtney  (N/R)
Pack Away George Haydan 
Pack Away Curran Rebecca
Pack Away Underwood Sarah
Pack Away Coates Stephanie
Pack Away Barron Storm
Pack Away O'Hehir Jenny
Pack Away Kelly Kat
Pack Away Bernacki-Lang Phoebe
Pack Away Holmes Rachel
Pack Away Mclean Hilary

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Last updated: 17-Apr-2014 09:35 AM


Hi Everyone

Thanks to all those who attended the SJ try outs on Saturday, it was great to see some fantastic show jumping.  It was also lovely to hear from an outsider who commented how great it was to see all the Serpy riders supporting each other, even while competing for some much sort after spots on our teams.  

We have put together two club teams for each of the team events, and these are:

Serpentine Green
85cm - Holly McLune and Georgia Lowry,
95cm- Samantha Lamont and Sally Ellis

Serpentine White
85cm- Shelby Atkinson and Kealey McGrath
95cm - Zollie Hannah and Dainah Stacey

Serpentine Green
80cm(pony)- Holly McLune
90cm - Dainah Stacey
1.05cm - Zollie Hannah

Serpentine White
80cm (pony)- Georgia Lowry
90cm - Nicola Lachenicht
1.05cm - Sally Ellis

Congratulations to those selected! 
We would love to try and increase this to 3 teams as it will mean that we can then include a few more riders who tried out and proved their competancy but have justed missed out on a team spot.  With this in mind, the SJ sub committee, with approval from the executive commitee, would like to invite eligible riders (3 rallies on your mount) to email their interest and enter the relevant classes at our SHPC HORSELAND SJ show on Saturday 19th April, (entries close Wednesday via Global, dont delay).  We are specifically looking to fill the following spots:  

1 X pony at 80 cm
1 X rider for 85 cm
1 X rider for 95 cm
1 X rider for 105cm 

Anyone unable to attend the SJ show on Saturday, may be considered, if they have evidence of competence, and no other rider has been found to fill the spot - preferance will be given to those riders attending the SJ show on Saturday.
Further congratulations are due to the fantastic Serpy riders who made the Zone teams. Holly Mc Clune won the 13 and under 85 cm ponies, Sam Lamont won the 95 cm 16 and under class and Zollie Hannah was the winner of the 105 cm Zone class - a clean sweep for Serpy!!! well done to all the competitors on the day.

More information to follow regarding entering individual classes for PCAWA SJ CHAMPS on 24 and 25 May .


Kathy Mallory
on behalf of the SJ sub committee

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Last updated: 09-Apr-2014 09:45 PM

1. Saturday 3 May XC training day has been cancelled - apologies for any inconvienince. SHPC members will have XC Training at Rally on May 4

2. SHPC Horseland Showjump events on April 19 and May 3 - 45-1.15cm (PCAWA and Open) - ENtries on GLOBAL now.... great opportunity for interschools and PCAWA champs tune up


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Last updated: 27-Mar-2014 11:15 PM


  2. SHPC Show jump series EVENT #1 April 19 - 45-1.15cm ( PCAWA and Open) - ENTRIES on GLOBAL now…great opportunity for interschools and  PCAWA champs tune up.
  3. INVITATION FLATWORK CLINIC WITH SHARON JARVIS at  Gosnells grounds Thurs 17 April

    Cost is $62.50 per rider.( group lesson ) Limited places - Contact Lisa Edmonds Coad on email above or 0409 295 406 for details and to register ( thank you Lisa and team) 

  4. RALLY RSVP NOW if you havnt already to  Gerry


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Show Jumping Series

Last updated: 25-Mar-2014 11:26 PM

2014 Serpentine Horse and Pony Club

Show Jumping Series


Also part of the 2014 PCAWA Tim Weigall Jumping Series Leaderboard


The 2014 SHPC Show jumping Series will consist of 3 events that will be held at the Serpentine Horse and Pony club grounds at Karnup Rd, Serpentine.

The series will be open to PCAWA and Open/ Non-PCAWA members (18+ who have annual PCAWA Insurance).

 Each event will offer various heights (45cm -1.10cm) run as optimum time or AM7 classes.


Saturday 19th April 2014

Saturday 3rd of May 2014

Sunday 27th July 2014

Entries OPEN NOW

Series Classes being offered are…


1. 45cm optimum time -PCAWA (Junior*)

2. 45cm optimum time- PCAWA (Senior*)

3. 45cm optimum time -PCAWA Open Rider

4. 60cm AM7 - PCAWA (Junior*)

5. 60cm AM7 -PCAWA (Senior*)

6. 60cm AM7 - Open Rider

7. 70cm AM7 –PCAWA (Junior*)

8. 70cm AM7- PCAWA (Senior*)

9. 70cm AM7- Open Rider

10. 80cm AM7 –PCAWA (Junior*)

11. 80cm AM7- PCAWA (Senior*)

12. 80cm AM7- Open Rider


13 .85cm AM7 - PCAWA

14. 85cm AM7 - Open Rider

15. 90cm AM7 - PCAWA

16. 90cm AM7 - Open Rider

17. 100cm AM7 -PCAWA

18 .100cm AM7 - Open Rider

19. 110cm AM7- PCAWA (If entries warrant)

20. 110cm AM7-Open Rider (If entries warrant)

Series points will be allocated from 1st to 6th place for each of the 20 categories and will be allocated as follows:

1st 7 points

2nd 6 points

3rd 5 points

4th 4 points

5th 3 points

6th 2 points

Completion of clear round and jump off 1 point


*Age of “junior” and “senior” to be determined after the close of entries of the first event on 19th April 2014

Competitors must have PCAWA insurance cover to be sited on the day when requested.

Riders must wear long sleeve shirts (open competitors) or Pony Club uniform.

Competitors must compete in 2 or more events to be eligible for the series.

Organisers reserve the right to amend/ join classes as required and have the absolute discretion to refuse entry to, or eject any competitor for any class, event or series for any reason.

Organisers reserve the right to determine and amend prizes (including rugs) for each and any class, event or the series according to the level of entries or any other reason.

Age groups will be determined as age as of January 1st, 2014.

Points are allocated based on horse/rider combination. Combinations can only compete at 2 consecutive heights at each event.

Maximum of 2 horses per rider per event. Each horse/rider combination may only ride a maximum of 3 rounds per day and only 2 may be competitive rounds (The third round will be non-competitive/ training)

Series placegetters will be announced at the final event on July 7th, 2014.


Individual series events

* Ribbons and vouchers/prizes to third place

* Ribbons third to sixth place

     Series Prizes

* Awarded for overall PCAWA junior, PCAWA senior and Open high point rider in Ring 1

* And overall high point PCAWA and Open rider in Ring 2

* Rugs (or equivalent) and rosettes for series winners in each ring

* Prize/Trophy and rosettes for runners-up

* Rosettes, Vouchers/Prizes 3rd to 6th place


For any queries please contact Series Event Secretary Belinda Lamont on 0405 322 935 or


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Last updated: 23-Mar-2014 11:14 PM



serpy calendar 2014 serpy calendar 2014 (72 KB)



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Well done!

Last updated: 21-Mar-2014 09:23 PM

Many of our members went to Murray ODE over the weekend. Awesome results, big and small for so many of you, well done!!!


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Last updated: 12-Mar-2014 04:47 PM

So proud to see a fabulous contingent of green and white warriors tackling the nearby Murray ODE this weekend !!
Good Luck to all the following riders - well done to them and their support crews -  have fun and keep safe !

Jess Hamersely
India Levene
Kylie Waddell
Zollie Hannah
Georgia Lowry
Keely Lambert
Lauren Sams Hayes
Kealey McGrath
Sophie Mills
Janaqui Horridge
Daina Stacey
Sally Ellis
Tamarah Ahrens
Nicola Lachenicht
Justin Sams Hayes
Kim Williamson
Anneke Williamson
Jasmine Holligan
and the very sweet young boy Shaun Lowry

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March Message

Last updated: 10-Mar-2014 01:34 PM

Dear Serpy Members

Now that we have had our first proper rally , here is a quick update on how we are tracking so far this year and some of the exciting things coming up!

*Rally  - Wonderful to see so many members at our March Rally on Sunday. Weather was lovely and the instruction, attitudes and smiles were super too ! Hope you all had a great day and huge thanks to our Rally Committee and the instructors for conducting a really great day. Fabulous to have the water jump in action and getting so much use.
Set up and packaway went really well with so many people willingly helping. Captain Canteen ( Oscar) and his helpers did a super job in the canteen and we thank them for their patience and hard work. Obviously we wont be offering so much choice for food at any future rallies 😊. Watch for Captain Canteen’s notices for next rally .  Information about Certificates and Assessments will also be out soon. Any ideas, comments and feedback about Rally to Gerry on


Tetrathlon - our 12 competing riders in B, C and D grades are hard at training for the PCAWA State Championships to be held at Log Fence PC on April 5 & 6. We wish them luck as they run, swim, shoot and the ride XC on their way to hard fought glory ( and exhaustion) ! Go team SERPY !!!

Showjumping - time to get your Showjumping skills sharpened! the PCAWA State championships will be held on May 24 &25 at the SEC in Brigadoon. All riders who are rally qualified and can jump 80cm or more are encouraged to come and tryout for our club team . Tryouts will be held at the SHPC grounds on Saturday April 12. Watch out for notices from our SJ committee. Everyone keep training so you too can represent the club soon.

Eventing - Our February 2 day event ( combining Dressage, Showjumping and Cross Country) was a great success. Despite the heat, 220 riders had a great day and Serpy proved a very capable and proud host to another great event. Wonderful to also see our injured member Carissa Watts up and about after a bad fall …she is one tough cookie.  Thanks to the entire eventing team and all helpers - you are so appreciated.  
Good luck to those competing at Murray this weekend and elsewhere over the next month - let us share your photos, stories and results!

Dressage, Games and Showhorse - events and shows are in the pipeline, but they all take a bit of work…if you would like to get involved , please let us know… …being part of an organising team lightens the load, makes great friends and teaches us all about our horseports ….put your hand up ..our kids will love you for it !

Keep riding - be safe and smart as you practice your new skills and remember to love your pony and thank your mums and dads …lots,

Ann Marie and all the team at SERPY HPC   


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Rally lunch menu

Last updated: 04-Mar-2014 11:28 AM

Hi Serpi Members !

Let me introduce myself, I am Oscar Graetz and my sister Orleans has just joined the club and she is having a heap of fun with all her riding buddies.
Our family are very happy to be part of team Serpentine and I have offered to take on the coordination of the Rally canteen for this Sunday’s March rally and will be happy to help out whenever I can ( and if you want me).

So, this week  CAPTAIN CANTEEN ( that's me) and the team of wonderful helpers will be making lunches to the theme ;

SOMETHING IN A ROLL !!!… with a can of drink, juice box or water for $5 each.

You let us know what ingredients you would like in your lovely white roll and we will prepare it for you…your choice of any of the following ingredients ;

*Chilli Chicken Strips
*Boiled egg ( sliced)
*Red Onion
*Mayo or Butter
*BBQ or Tomato or Chilli Sauce

Or you can always have a Beef Pie or Sausage Roll if you really want one … ( $3 each, $5 with a drink)

Thanks Oscar ( aka Captain Canteen) 


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ODE Sponsors

Last updated: 26-Feb-2014 04:36 PM

Our sponsors for our first ODE are Mandurah Stockfeeds, Saddles Plus and Anitone. Please support these wonderful companies!!


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Last updated: 22-Feb-2014 09:22 AM

Thanks to the Rally Committee and Coaching/instruction team for an excellent February Rally and for managing with the new members and large numbers. We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming rallies on 9 March and 6 April. Remember to RSVP as requested - this is very important to ensure a smooth and quality Rally.
More information will follow shortly from the rally committee about rally plans, activities and dates coming up.

Our first 2 day event is on NEXT WEEKEND ( 1 - 2 March) !!! Good luck to all competitors .Everyone is invited and encouraged to come along to help, soak up the experience and cheer your clubmates on.


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Serpentine Dressage Day - February 23 2014. - Cancelled , will be rescheduled.

Last updated: 08-Feb-2014 03:24 PM

Please note that the organisers of the SHPC February 23 Dressage competition have decided to cancel this event . Entries made will be refunded. We hope to reschedule to a new date in the first half of 2014 and will advise asap. Apologies to our scheduled judges and competitors - we sincerely regret this outcome. Terms and Conditions for the Serpentine Dressage Series and other 2014 SHPC dressage days will be published as soon as possible. Thank you for your continuing support.
SHPC Committee 2014.

Thank you
Ann Marie Lowry
SHPC President 2014
0410 612 046 

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Last updated: 06-Feb-2014 01:22 AM

Hi everyone,
A reminder that our Feb General committee meeting is at 7.30 pm at the clubhouse on Tuesday 18 Feb All GC and sub committee members welcome plus any general members who may wish to attend.


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Member message

Last updated: 31-Jan-2014 09:03 PM

calendar Jan 2014 calendar Jan 2014 (18 KB)

Hi Everyone ,
Happy 2014 and safe riding ….
January has come and gone and we are rapidly into February and riding time ! We had a rowdy and enthusiastic General Committee meeting on 21 January which resulted in several new faces joining our committees . Thanks to those people and we also look forward to new members for 2014 who promise to actively contribute and make our great club even stronger.

Training Day and Busy Bee - THIS WEEKEND ( 1 and 2 February 2014)
We are expecting about 75 riders to start their season at our XC and SJ training day this weekend.  The sensational Pippa Brown from our associated Adult Riders group has done a super job as secretary for both this day and our upcoming official ODE 1 at 1 and 2 March,2014.
2014 Enrolment - Can be made on line via the info on the website or you may attend at the clubrooms between 4-6pm tomorrow Saturday Feb 1 ,2014. We can only accept cash payment on the day.
Uniforms will not be available for purchase at enrolment but we will have them at our first rally for purchase.

Calendar - we have attached a revised 2014 SHPC calendar fyi.
However ,dates and events are still subject to some changes due to unresolved  date clashes with other ground users or equestrian groups such as PCAWA .Keep an eye on the website and messages re changes .

Rally - February rally is on  Sunday 16th with a strict 8am start time, unmounted at Clubhouse .You must attend or advise RSVP asap to Gerry Atkinson ( Rally Coordinator) on

Thanks everyone - look forward to seeing you all sometime tomorrow -
on behalf of all the members and committees and Super SHPC members in 2014
PS - All helpers and members invited to enjoy a sausage sizzle and drink with us from Lunch ( 12 .00) tomorrow πŸ˜Š


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Draw XC/SJ Training Day

Last updated: 30-Jan-2014 09:46 PM

Draw training day Feb 2014 Draw training day Feb 2014 (89 KB)


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New TET info

Last updated: 29-Jan-2014 12:06 AM

Hi all just a bit of information for everyone regarding this years tetrathlon. 

Nominations for this year’s Tetrathlon have been extended to the 18th of March. This gives riders further time to get in another qualifier at Murray ODE if riders need it. The PCAWA Committee has also decided that the state Tetrathlon will NOT be running any open classes this year and would also like competitors to know that it looks like the shooting phase will be run on Sunday as Log Fence shooting range is booked out on the Saturday of the event, but they are trying hard to see if they will be able to use it sometime on Saturday.

If you are thinking about doing this years Tet you will need to make sure that you have a qualifying completion in the Grade you are wishing to enter in. The lowest grade that you can do at the Tet is D Grade. 

If you have a Tet singlet from previous years and you are going to enter this year could you please hand them into me as soon as possible so that I can start to get the embroidery organized. If this is your first year of entering and you would like to purchase a competition  singlet please let me know the size and I will order them in. I am also looking at competition club bathers that will be around $50 a pair. 

Any questions please just ask.
Cheers Deb 

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ODE 1 1-2 March

Last updated: 25-Jan-2014 11:54 AM



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Enrolment 2014

Last updated: 16-Jan-2014 01:47 AM

Enrolment packages 2014 have been send out to all members. Please let me know if you have not received an email about this. Enrolment day is 1 Feb between 4-6pm
Thanks Lenneke   

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SHPC Committee Meeting - Tuesday 21 Jan 2014, 7.30 pm at Clubhouse, Karnup Rd - ALL WELCOME.

Last updated: 16-Jan-2014 01:48 AM

Dear all,

We will be conducting our first meeting on the 21-01-2014 and encourage you all to come along and contribute. 
Please feel free to bring any prospective new members along to meet us and ask questions. 
Our number one priority is to fill the various Committee positions still vacant. 
Please get in touch if you feel you may be able to assist or would like more information.  
The agenda is below - please contact me if you would like any information about the items or have anything extra included,

Ann Marie

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Important SHPC & SARG info and Feb XC training day entries

Last updated: 14-Jan-2014 11:26 PM

Dear SHPC members and supporters.
Happy New Year to you all …lets get riding 

SHPC will be conducting the scheduled XC and SJ training day on Sunday the 2nd of Feb 2014 as previously planned. We apologise for any confusion or disappointment caused by the cancellation notice published on 14 of January 2014 but ensure all competitors that the event will be going ahead and we look forward to your  entries and attendance.  
Entries are now available via Cavaletti and queries should be directed to our training day secretary Pippa Brown on 0487 901 697.
Please enter asap and pass on the Training day details and invitation to all your riding friends who would like to get their season underway early.
Anyone that wishes to ride on the training day ( plus any available SHPC and SARG riders) are expected to nominate a helpers duty on their entry and preferably we would like to see you all for the critical busy bee and course preparation on Saturday afternoon (1 Feb)

SHPC  and our associated SARG ( Serpentine Adult Riders Group) will also be conducting our 2014 membership enrolment period on Saturday 1 Febuary between 4-6pm at the club house so we look forward to seeing all new member applicants then.

Finally, please all note that  SHPC ‘s first 2014 general committee meeting will be held from 7 30 pm on Tuesday the 21st of January at the clubrooms…see you there !

Ann Marie Lowry

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2014 Dressage Tests

Last updated: 09-Jan-2014 12:53 PM

Please find all new dressage test below and start practicing!!! :)

Dressage tests 2014 Dressage tests 2014 (854 KB)


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New Dressage Test

Last updated: 09-Jan-2014 11:29 PM

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year and hope you are all enjoying your break.  Some members I know are back into training and just wanted to update everyone that there are new dressage tests that are going to be used this year. 
I have attached a copy of all the tests so you can start practicing now.  We will be running with these tests at our first ODE. 
Busy Bee will be held on the 1st Feb at 7am to beat the heat.  We need as many people as possible to do some maintenance and cleaning around the club and get us ready for the start of the busy season ahead.
Also XC and SJ training day forms will be available after this week for Sunday 2nd Feb and will be available on Cavaletti. 



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Message to members

Last updated: 16-Dec-2013 12:18 PM

Dear all,


Firstly thanks for all attending our wind up rally, AGM and Awards night last Sunday 8 December.

A fabulous day organised and passionately driven by the very hard working 2013 Executive team. Thank you so much for the day and for all your work and dedication for the club over the last year and more.

The  Committee appointments will be/are now posted on the website so check there for details. Really appreciate all the commitments by members elected for 2014 roles and look forward to working with you to make all our SHPC events and activities fun and successful at all levels !


A couple of things to update ;

1.       Committee and Other Vacancies - thank you to the members who have stepped up to share the load ( and the fun) via a committee position in 2014. We still have several important spots to fill in the Executive and in the Dressage, Rally and Showhorse subcommittees. Also keen to hear from a couple of members ( or extended family/friends) to take on the Canteen …use your imagination and suggest a new approach perhaps? We are open to all ideas and commitments in these teams/areas …remember this responsibility will cover off the helper obligations for your family(s).

2.        PCAWA Tetrathlon championships  2014  - Will now be held at log Fence PC on April 5 and 6 2014 ( date change from March 29 and 30) .  We have a wonderful Tet committee formed of Tahna Lambert, Alicia Sams Hayes, Deb Mcgrath and Zollie Hannah who are enthusiastically organising Tet training for Running, Swimming,Shooting and in time, XC riding. Please get in touch with the group via Zollie on to get involved and for info about eligibility for champs etc  .  

3.        2014 Calendar of events – Date Changes – The change to the Tet Champs date most probably will effect our planned April rally and clinic dates. We also still need to confirm suitable dates for our Show Jump events especially to register them in the new PCAWA Jump Series. We will advise date changes asap –keep an eye on our website, notices and calendar.

4.       PCAWA Coaching Clinic – Feb 8 and 9. we are keen to support as many associate members, parents and coaches to become accredited PCAWA coaches and  remind you to look at the Coaching Workshop being conducted in Feb by PCAWA. Please review the materials on the PCAWA website and  contact our Rally Coordinator Gerry Atkson on rally4shpc@gmail.comif you are interested in attending.  

5.       Chief Coach and Coaches for Rallies – We are looking to secure a high quality Chief Coach and excellent discipline coaches to strengthen our ongoing team from 2013. Please discuss possibilities within your horse and instruction networks and ask anyone who may be interested to apply or contact Gerry or me for a confidential discussion.

6.       IDEAS and INPUT – Please feel encouraged to contact me or any of the committee, at any time if you have any ideas, feedback, suggestions etc to help us make our Pony Club an even better place to develop our childrens riding. All perspectives, experiences, needs and interests are equally as important and not everyone is able to contribute via committees etc. We look forward to your active and confident SHPC involvement at all levels and in all things . Make 2014 your best year at SHPC yet !

Finally, take time over Christmas to rest and recuperate from another relentless year of activity, earning an income and getting to all your other commitments. Give your horses and ponies a well earned break and take time to sit quietly whenever you get the chance. Hoping each and everyone of you stays safe and cool over the summer and has fun with your families and friends on your holidays.  

Cheers from

Ann Marie Lowry

On behalf of SHPC

*** PS – Congratulations to the lovely Kelly Maher and Rod Eden Street who were married quietly this week and happy December birthdays to Lisa Edmonds Coad, John Holligan, Ferenc Kocsis, Bec Tilbrook, Charmaine Simmons, Holly McClune, Ellie Stroud and Emma Cumming.

We also wish Sharene, our immediate past president ( and new Life Member) , a speedy recovery from her serious FunDay Ankle injury.  


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Last updated: 05-Dec-2013 05:46 PM

Notice of AGM for Serpentine Horse & Pony Club. To be held in conjunction with our awards ceremony commencing at 2.30pm on Sunday 8th December at the Serpentine H&PC clubrooms 1432 Karnup Road, Serpentine.

Please find the agenda and minutes in the link below.


We sincerely hope you can all make it and look forward to see you there!



AGM Agenda 2013AGM Agenda 2013 (14 KB)


AGM minutes 2012AGM minutes 2012 (28 KB)




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AGM & Fun day info

Last updated: 05-Dec-2013 11:22 PM

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of things that need to be cleared up prior to this weekend.

We would love to see as many children as possible to attend from 9.30am onwards, we have a water slide, dunking machine and a Gladiator bouncy castle thingy coming.  We wanted to keep it a secret from the kids but I think some people are not attending in the morning as they think we are not doing anything but playing games and I would hate for anyone to miss out.

I am happy for kids to be dropped off in the morning and parents can return for lunch.  You will just need to sign them in on dropping off (just like the sleep over)

We will then have lunch and start the AGM at 2.30pm as advertised.  All going to plan we will start the presentations at 4pm.  Dinner to follow and then disco.  Some parents have been concerned about finish times - this is totally up to your family.  

Bring a plate to share for dinner.    A-L sweets and M-Z salads

Please come and go as you please during the day, we would just love to see you all even if only for part of the day.

Information about AGM

As per usual, we will conduct club business at the beginning and then all positions from President, Vice President x 2, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee members and subcommittee members, will be declared vacant.  This gives everyone a great opportunity to nominate themselves or someone else to fill these positions.  

Please consider attending this meeting and nominating yourself for position as the more people we have involved the easier it will be for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who has replied to me about coming, if you haven't replied can you let me know ASAP, see you on Sunday.

Sharene Kocsis


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This Sunday!!! Funday, AGM, Awards, Dinner & Disco!!!

Last updated: 04-Dec-2013 01:17 AM

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. I sincerely apologise for the lateness of this email but here are some details about this weekends Fun Day and AGM. This will be an unmounted day, so leave your horses and ponies resting and come and join in the fun.

Festivities will start at 9.30am. We will be having some surprises and games to start with and we would like to challenge the parents to try and keep up with the kids. You will need clothes that can get wet and bring a towel. Old clothes would be good as they will get some food colouring on them.

Lunch will consist of a sausage sizzle from 12pm and the club will supply this.

At 2.30pm, as advertised, we will hold the Annual General Meeting and we need as many people as possible for this to go ahead. During this meeting we will need to discuss and vote on the following:

Reserve Management Plan for 2014

Licence with the Shire

Constitution Changes, all of which are attached for you to download and bring a copy to the meeting.

Following this meeting we will conduct the presentations of trophies and awards and then we will do dinner.

For dinner we would ask that each family supply a plate and bring their own meat and drinks. Soft drinks will be supplied by the club.

Surnames for A-L to bring sweets and M-Z to bring a salad.

Lastly and by no means least, we will end with a disco for everyone. 

For catering purposes, can you please just reply to me and let me know if you are able to attend.

Hope to see you all there. Please feel free to send this on to your pony club mates if they do not get this email.


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SJ Thanks & Results

Last updated: 20-Nov-2013 04:09 PM

Dear Everyone

Thank you to  all for your strong support, quality performances and willingness to help at our SHPC Show jump day on Saturday 16 November 2013.


Special thanks to our very generous Show sponsers Saddles Plus in Byford ( great people , great products and superb customer care) and Geoff and Jenni Ahmat for donating bottles of their great new performance product Anitone . We know it was ruthlessly hot and still but our wonderful officials Mr and Mrs Dobson were both really impressed with how everyone rode.


We hope you enjoyed the day and found it useful for yourself and your horses/ ponies.


We look forward to seeing all of you stalwarts plus others at our 2014 SJ days on our lovely grounds next year. Keep an eye on our website and calendar for confirmation of shows and programmes.


Regards and thanks from the 2013 SJ committee of SHPC.

PS : a pair of roller spurs were accidentally left behind ( near the arena) so if you picked them up or moved them can you please let us know




1.     45cm – 1st- Tanaya Radecker,2nd- Olivia Bolingbroke,3rd- Jess Williams,4th- Kim Williamson  

2.     65cm – 1st – Samantha Lamont,2nd-Grace Lamont ,3rd-Sally Ellis, 4th – Katie Nossiter

3.     80cm – 1st-Tenaya Radecker,2nd-Samantha Lamont,3rd-Katie Nossiter,4th Isabelle Dobson

4.     85cm – 1st-Tanaya Radecker,2nd-Lauren Sheridan,3rd- Georgia Lowry

5.     90cm- 1st-Tenaya Radecker,2nd- Jess cappendell,3rd-Dee Rowe,4th-Isabelle Dobson

6.     1.00m – 1st- Jackie Sept,2nd-Jess Cappendell,3rd- Natasha Williams,4th-Lance Quartermain

7.     1.10cm – 1st – Jackie Sept,2nd- Jess Hamersley,3rd- Natasha Williams ,4th- Jackie Sept

 *** Unfortunately, we decided not to conduct the 6 bar events due to the oppressive heat.


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Last updated: 03-Nov-2013 11:28 PM

Hi every one!
I have posted some great pictures of you all on our FB page!
Serpy Fun & Games Rally

Megan Jones Clinic

Enjoy :)


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FUN RALLY & AGM 8th of December

Last updated: 28-Oct-2013 11:54 AM

Hi All,

Please put the following date in your agenda!  December the 8th.
This is when we will be holding our Rally fun day and it will be fantastic, very different from previous years. 
We hope you can all make it. It will be a day not to be missed for members of all ages!!!
We will also be holding our AGM on that day. It is very important for parents and senior riders to attend this meeting to insure the future running of our club and select the General and Executive Committees. We will need 75% of our members present so we can vote on some important issues our club is facing, your attendance would be very much appreciated!
More info on both these events will follow shortly :)
Looking forward to seeing you all then!!


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Dressage Champs Draw

Last updated: 16-Oct-2013 10:52 PM

The new draw for this weekends champs are out, please click here
No media download found.

Best of luck to all our riders representing Serpentine H&PC
It will be a fantastic weekend. For those not riding, why not come to the SEC in Brigadoon and see what this weekend is all about? Might give you some insparation for next year! Hope to see you all there :)


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Congrats & Thanks

Last updated: 14-Oct-2013 10:32 PM

Hi all.

A huge Congratulations to Dainah Stacey, Danni Quartermaine, Kealey Mcgrath, Janaqui Horridge and Sophie Pyle for passing their C Certificates. They all looked fabulous and rode really well. We are all so proud of you. A big thank you to Alicia Sam-Hayes and Geogina Pyle for organising and instructing them through the year. Also thank you to the parents for their help.  Muchly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped for the busy bee. Lots of jobs got completed and I thoroughly enjoyed everyone catching up and joining in. The sausage sizzle was a huge sucess as well.

Was also great to see everyone have fun at the fun day at Rally. Hope all those ribbons are on display somewhere in your houses. Would love any photos to be sent to Lenny to add to the website. Special mention to Sophie Mills who was the winner of the 6 bar with some strong competitors taking part.

Good luck to all the riders competing in the dressage champs this weekend. Have fun.

We are having our committee meeting tomorrow night so will update everyone with dates etc after that. 

ODE entries are on ktrials.

Take care.



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Zone Challenge Cup

Last updated: 14-Oct-2013 10:33 PM

Each year one club in our West Coastal Zone organizes the Zone Challenge Cup day. This year it is Baldivis Pony Club's turn.
It promises to be a great day for all level of riders, so why not join the fun and represent Serpy at the same time!?

Please click on the link below for the program

Challenge Cup 17-11-2013 Challenge Cup 17-11-2013 (323 KB)


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Last updated: 06-Oct-2013 11:34 PM

Our last ODE for the year is on 9th/10th November and entries are now on Ktrials, so please get entries in ASAP


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Rally Oct 13

Last updated: 06-Oct-2013 11:43 PM

Hi all,

Hope you are all having a great holiday.  Just a couple of reminders and a small change for the next rally. Ferenc, Jim and I did a walk around the XC course today and we are unfortunately under water at the club due to all the rain that we have had.  The oval edges are extremely wet and the drains are full of water.  We literally have a duck pond near the tree line and both jumps are in the middle of it.  Even out in the bush we have small ponds and it is quite slippery, and we have more rain coming this week.  So....not wanting to damage our jumps or oval (or our children of course, lol), we are changing the format of the next rally to a fun day. And we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.   

Rall13th October -We will run a show jumping ring, hacking ring, novelties, and a six bar before lunch.  After lunch we will hold games and everyone will compete for ribbons. 

Please email me if you will be attending as we still want to put people in teams.  If you have already emailed me and do not want to attend a fun day then just let me know.  I will be finalising teams on Wednesday night, so need to know numbers by then.

Thanks Sharene


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Last updated: 04-Sep-2013 08:55 PM

As you may know the State Dressage Championships was canceled due to bad weather.
PCAWA will now be hosting this event on October 19-20 at the SEC. 
This means that we have had to make some changes to our calendar.
Please read the list below of all the exciting things on offer at Serpentine H&PC for the last couple of months of this season.
We hope to see you all soon!

September 15  Rally

October 9-10  Dressage/ SJ/ XC Clinic 

Instructed by Kirsten Twining and Sharon Jarvis, more info to follow soon.

October 13  Rally 
This rally will be run as a closed/training ODE. There will also be a great opportunity for those competing at the Dressage Champs to train individually or in teams.

October 19-20 State Dressage Champs 
At the SEC Many of our members will represent Serpy at this great event. It is an awesome weekend with so much to see, from pure dressage to individuals/pairs and teams riding in costume and to music! Come along and support our members, it will give you an idea what you might want to try out for next year!

November 9-10 Serpentine ODE 3

November 16 Serpentine Show Jump Day

November 17 Zone Challenge Cup 
Every year a club within our zone is hosting this event. This year it will be organised by Baldivis Pony Club. It promises to be a fun filled day suited to all levels of riding. Come and represent Serpy and join the fun! (more info to follow) 

November 24 Serpentine Dressage Day 3

December 1 Fun Rally and AGM 
We are organizing something pretty special so please keep this day free!

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Dressage Clinic

Last updated: 17-Jul-2013 10:46 PM

Dressage Clinic 28 July!

Top coaches to give dressage intensive clinic.
Shape up for your dressage phase of your next event or for PCAWA Dressage State Champs.
Small groups (3) working at your level.

Liz Tollarzo and Sharon Jarvis
Cost $20.00 per lesson

Plan         Liz Sharon
  9 am            Elm.             Prelim
  10 am Nov. Med.
  11 am Prelim. Elem.
 12 pm Med. Nov.

1 pm             LUCH             LUNCH   
2 pm Group  ride practices and feedback

Please send an email
rider & horse name and lessons you would like to enter for

Please make payment to secure your spot
Bank details (Bendigo)
Serpentine Horse & Pony Club
BSB: 633000
Account number:133044396
Reference C3

First in best dressed!
Please bring a plate to share for lunch.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Megan Jones Clinic

Last updated: 17-Jul-2013 10:24 PM

Just a little reminder the Megan Jones clinic is on at Serpentine this weekend! How exciting! You are all welcome to come along and "fence sit". Bring a note book and pen and be amazed at what you can learn from someone else's riding lesson! B grade starts at 8.00 and the day will end with E grade finishing up at 4.30. Hope to see you all there :)  

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Megan Jones Clinic 20&21 July!!!

Last updated: 02-Jul-2013 06:58 PM


Serpentine Horse & Pony Club Clinic

Serpentine Horse & Pony Club is very fortunate to have an opportunity to hold a clinic with Australia’s Very own Beijing Silver Medalist Megan Jones. Megan Jones has a long list of great results some including:

  2008 Olympic Games, 2008 Adelaide CCI 4* - 2nd, 2008 Melbourne CCI 3* - 1st
2008 Melbourne CCI 3* - 1st, 2008 Sydney CCI 3* - 2nd, 2007 Lakes and Craters CCI 3* - 1st                                                                 2006 Aachen World Equestrian Championships Team Bronze, 2005 Adelaide CCI 4* - 1st                                                                                   2005 Melbourne CCI 3* - 1st, 2001 Adelaide CCI 4* - 4th, 2000 Adelaide CCI 3*- 3rd, 1998 Adelaide CCI 3* - 7th

With also many prestigious awards under her belt The Anna Savage Award, best and fairest, 2002, 2006 and 2008 (joint winner with Chris Burton). Australian Centenary Medal 2000, South Australian event rider of the year 2000, 2001. 2008 South Australian Female Athlete of the Year.

We have a very exciting clinic planned with Megan on the 20th and 21st of July. Open to 20 riders only, so get in quick! 4 to 5 riders in a group. 

We are offering 2x 1.5  hour lessons - one Cross Country (Saturday) and one Show Jump lesson (Sunday) due to Serpentine Adult riders having their closed ODE on Sunday.

Serpentine Horse & Pony Club will subsidize this clinic and therefore the total cost per rider will be $100.00

Preference will be given to riders currently competing C grade and up, then those that have previously competed C grade and up. Next preference will go to D grade riders, then E graders, then those yet to start competing. If we have not filled all spots we will then offer this clinic to our Serpentine Horse and Pony Club parents and Serpentine Adult Riders.

Please email your entries to  Entries close the 9th of July

Name............................................................................ Age.....................................

Parent helper...............................................................

Eventing level currently competing at.......................................................................(on horse being used for this clinic)

Highest level previously competed at........................................................................

Please make payment as soon as possible to secure your spot. Please put surname and "clinic" as reference.

Bank details (Bendigo)

Serpentine Horse & Pony Club

BSB: 633000

Account number:133044396

We would love to have all our members not riding in the clinic to come along and watch as we feel that whether you are on or off the horse you can learn some very helpful tactics. There is no charge for Fence Sitters. We hope to see you all there!


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Cross country & Show Jump training day 29 June

Last updated: 27-Jun-2013 08:03 PM

This event will go ahead as planned 
However, riders are asked to minimalise contact between horses and refrain from sharing water and feed containers and gear.
Gear checkers will be provided with hand sanitizer to use between checking each horse

No media download found.
Ride to Conquer Cancer 
David Kimberley (Kimbo), Lorrena’s boyfriend is doing the ride to conquer 
cancer in October to raise money to fight cancer. Please come along and 
support a great cause. 
All money raised will be going to Ride to Conquer Cancer. 

For programme and to enter please go to

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Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day - Sunday 23 June

Last updated: 26-Jun-2013 12:53 AM

Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day - Sunday 23 of June

series points 2 series points 2 (56 KB)

Results JSD 2013 Results JSD 2013 (300 KB)

Venue: Serpentine Horse & Pony Club, Karnup Rd Serpentine

Chief Judge - Lisa Baker
Tests: B and C tests from Preliminary to Advanced plus FEI tests, OFFICIAL, ASSOCIATE, PCAWA and Unaffiliated (with PCAWA Insurance)

Entries close: Friday 14 June (no late entries)

Prizes: ribbons for B tests, rosettes and prizes for C tests
Series: this forms part of the SHPC Dressage series and the PCAWA Dressage series
Rules: and further details on

Sponsors: Lunch in the Marquee for our sponsors and VIPS. Trade stands and demos welcome.
If you would like to be involved as a sponsor for this event please contact Wendy


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Last updated: 09-May-2013 12:59 AM

Please find attached a letter from PCAWA Chair Judy Rose in regards to the General Meeting that the Board have called for on May 31st. All PCAWA members are welcome to attend.

PCAWA General Meeting PCAWA General Meeting (625 KB)

A few changes had to be made to up coming Serpenetine H & PC events, including rallies. 
Please find the list attached with all the new dates of our very busy calendar to make sure you're not missing out on any of the fun!

Dressage run offs for the PCAWA Dressage Championships will be held at the June rally, more info will follow shortly. 

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Last updated: 04-Feb-2013 12:29 AM

Official Associate and PCAWA classes. A and B tests from Prep to Advanced
(Prep to Medium for PCAWA)
Other comps: 23 June (Jill Stanton) and 20 Oct (series final)
All entries via Please ensure you read the rules.

Closing date 1 March 2013


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Last updated: 10-Jan-2013 09:22 AM



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Last updated: 28-Nov-2012 10:12 PM

(Various disciplines and rider levels). 
We have a supportive Rally Committee and a wonderful pool of current instructors. Applicants must be 18 plus and hold a current or be willing to obtain a Working With Children Check. Formal coaching certification is not mandatory. Please post your application including a resume to Serpentine H & PC, PO Box 105 Serpentine WA 6125


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Events for 2013

Last updated: 04-Nov-2012 09:33 PM

All our Serpentine HPC event dates are now uploaded on our calendar, so start planning some Serpie fun in 2013!


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President's update

Last updated: 28-Oct-2012 07:20 PM

Hi All,

Just a quick email to update everyone on what is happening at the club.

This Sunday the 28th Oct, we have the show horse day at the club starting at 9, gates open at 7.  Entries are on the day, so come along and have a great time.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the show horse committee for your hard work and wish all competitors the best of luck.

As you may be aware, we have our upcoming ODE (big eventing competition for those who do not know) on the 10/11 November, entries are available on Ktrials 4.  In preparation we will be conducting a busy bee on the 3/4 Nov, starting at 7am both days to beat the heat,  We will be accessing the cross country  jumps from the gate along Hall Rd next to the main oval due to Polo Cross having their big tournament. So drive down Hall Road next to the oval and look for signs.

We will need people to help with wipper snipping, general cleaning, raking and painting.  This is a great opportunity to complete your 10 hours for the club.

As part of our ODE, we would also like families to decorate a cross country  jump.  We will be awarding the best dressed jump with a prize and we will have runner up prizes.  This will involve the family decorating the jump on either Friday 9th Nov or Sat 10th Nov by 11am.  Of course it will need to be safe and not too scary.  Families can also combine and decorate together.  Google search cross country jumps for inspiration.  Please let me know if you would like to join in the fun and I will allocate you a jump.

Next Rally will be the 18th November. 

Also keep the 8th/9th December free.  The presentation night and disco will be on Sat 8th Dec and the fun day and AGM will be on the 9th December.  At the AGM we need 75% of our membership, so even if you do not attend the fun morning, can we please have as many members as possible to attend the meeting.  Most positions will remain the same, so it will be a good year to become involved in pony club without being sucked into a big job.    More details will follow, once things have been finalised.

Thanks everyone, remember to keep yourself and your horses cool with the warm weather coming in.



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Dressage Results

Last updated: 24-Oct-2012 09:54 AM

Thanks to our generous sponsors Ballinasloe Gypsy Horses, Saddlesplus and Budget Stockfeeds here are the 2012 series winners:

Ballinasloe PCAWA Series:

Preparatory Emma Cumming and Yaweh Yireh Michael
Preliminary 13 and Und Brittany Porter and Roxy
Preliminary over 13 Abigail King and Claire Downs Elegant Surprise
Novice Caitlynn Dumbreck and Frisos Pilgrim
Elementary Caitlynn Dumbreck and Frisos Pilgrim


Preparatory Jade Gilligan and Secret Keepsake
Preliminary Claire Matsen and Yonti
Novice Claire Matsen and Yonti
Elementary Marjorie Radford and Sonique

Preliminary Teagan Sutton Amberville Rosenstein
Saddlesplus Novice Teagan Sutton and Amberville Rosenstein
Saddlesplus Elementary Kristina Suiter and Flowervale Freedom
Medium Bianca Wise and Kalimna Emblem
Advanced Jackie Bouter and Hollingrove Brando

No media download found.

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Europa Serpentine ODE 3 10-11th Nov 2012

Last updated: 07-Oct-2012 08:04 PM

Entries for our 3rd ODE ate now open. Please go to to enter.


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Showjumping Day Results

Last updated: 24-Sep-2012 08:38 PM

On Saturday 22nd September, Serpentine Horse and Pony Club hosted a Showjumping Day.

It was a fantastic day out for Pony Club and Open riders, with many successful rounds completed across the day. Congratulations to all place getters and a huge THANKYOU to everyone who helped out on the day, everyone did a wonderful job and helped the day run very smoothly.

A special mention to our showjumping committee Mick Stroud, Shaun Lowry and Nicky Levene, who were out in the rain setting up on Friday, only to have to do it all again on Saturday morning when the jumps were all blown over during Friday night’s storm!!

A big thanks also to our wonderful judges Derek and Rita Dobson and Tim Marshall.

We are planning on hosting a showjumping clinic in October, so watch this space!


Annie Stroud

No media download found.


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26 August Training Day Draw

Last updated: 23-Aug-2012 10:06 PM

No media download found.  

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Training day 26 August

Last updated: 31-Jul-2012 10:15 AM

No media download found.No media download found.  

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West Coastal Zone Challenge Cup

Last updated: 15-Aug-2012 08:30 PM

It is our turn to host this great event. It is open for all riders, leadline included! So please come down to a great day filled of fun and compete for your club.

And.... don't forget to bring your PJ for the rally sleepover!

No media download found.

Some more info on the dressage tests:

  • Please find the attached files for all the compulsory components that you'll have to do in your test and what you'll be scored on.
  • You can do these in what ever order you'd like and add your own moves, so basically write your own test. Have fun with it!
  • Your test should be no longer then 4.30 min after saluting the judge.
  • Pick a theme or just dress up and pick your music. You can have as many (part of) songs as you like.
  • You'll have to supply a CD with your music on the day. You can for example "garage band" for mac, Audacity or Mixcraft for Windows.
Just give it a go, it will be great no matter what! We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Have fun, and good luck!

P1 P1 (68 KB)

Pas de Deux Pas de Deux (85 KB)

No media download found.


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Changes to events

Last updated: 18-Jul-2012 09:47 AM

Please be advised that  change have been made to the following events:

Dressage and Showjumping clinic 28-29 July has been cancelled. 

Rally 5Th of August is going to be a normal rally, without the sleep over. This is postponed to the rally in September.

Rally 1-2 of September will have the sleep over instead and riders who would like to sit their D and D* certificate can do so at this rally. (please let Karen know if you are interested) Serpentine will be hosting the Challenge Cup Zone on the Saturday,  so come along to a weekend filled of horse fun!

Closed ODE on the 26th of August has been changed to a open training ODE. Entry pack will be available from this website and Cavalletti shortly.


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Last updated: 20-Jun-2012 11:12 AM


No media download found.No media download found.No media download found.No media download found.No media download found.No media download found.No media download found.


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Last updated: 07-Jun-2012 11:21 PM



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Update from our President

Last updated: 08-Jun-2012 12:24 AM

Hi All,

Just a quick letter to update everyone on what has been happening and what is going to happen at Serpentine Horse and Pony Club. We have had a great start to the year. The Showhorse committee ran an excellent show in March, the Eventing committee have had two successful ODE's and SHPC members have just competed in the State Show Jumping Championships and did really well. Results will be published in the next newsletter. Up coming events will be the Dressage State Championships and the Sleepover.

Dressage State Champs General information

One horse one rider for the weekend. Rider/horse combination must have attended three rallies since the 11July 2011, two of which must be at the club they are representing. Riders can tryout on both horses. Club try out will be held at the rally on the 8th July/ Riders who wish to compete in Plunkett and Freestyle will need to do the following tests: 13 years and under-1c, 14 years and over-2c, Stuart Harkness/ Wanda Nelson/ Pas de Deux will need to tryout with the Stuart Harkness test. To compete, the rider/horse combination also must have a qualifying test of 57% or higher. (this must be for the level that they want to compete in, ie if competing in Novice they must have a 2a or above test). Tests from ODE's may be used but all tests must have been judged by an official PCAWA approved judge. List is available on PCAWA website. A horse or pony is only allowed to do 3 dressage test per day. (musical ride is not included in this tally) All safety equipment must be worn such as helmet, riding boots, etc. All competition where rider is expected to wear PC uniform, the uniform must be clean and tidy. Ponies/horses should also be clean and tidy. Plaiting is compulsory except when riding in fancy dress. All members must also be aware that when we send a team to Dressage Champs, we as a club are expected to do a job over the weekend. There is no guarantee when this job will be allocated. So if you are entering your helper must be available on both Sat and Sun to do the club job. There is no exception to this rule. The committee will be monitoring this from now on and if people do not do their duty it may result in you child not being accepted for upcoming State Events. Also no one is allowed to contact the Dressage committee/PCAWA directly, if you have a problem or a query, pls contact either Wendy Cummings or Sharene Kocsis. This is also going to be monitored and parents who contact PCAWA directly may also jeopardize their child's entry into future events. I wish every one good luck and make yourselves proud.


We will be holding the next sleep over at the August rally. I will email blast everyone with more details closer to the date. The sleep over is run with the children arriving on Sat afternoon, they will need to bring mattresses, bedding, pillows and clothes including uniform for the next day. We do not have ponies at the sleep over, parents bring them the next day. It is a fun weekend and the kids enjoy it. I will however be looking for some willing parents to volunteer their time to sleep over as well.

Sharene Kocsis


Serpentine Horse and Pony Club


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Last updated: 25-Apr-2012 10:06 PM

Please be advised that photographers are welcome to Serpentine Horse and Pony Club events by invitation only.   

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WA Equestrian Magazine

Last updated: 25-Apr-2012 10:05 PM

 Hi All

The new WA Equestrian Magazine is going to feature an article about  Serpentine Horse and Pony Club!
Maxine Barron from the rally committee has arranged for them to come to our next rally which will be held on the 6th of May.
It would be great if you could write a sentence or paragraph about our club and what Serpy means to you. These will be collected on the day and a few will be selected to go in the magazine!
Look the best you can, get your mounts sparkeling clean and bring your best smiles, because there will be a photographer on the day too! 

Please make sure you let Chief Coach Karen Bowman know if you'll be attending the rally! 


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Zone Showjumping Teams at State Champs.

Last updated: 25-Apr-2012 10:08 PM

The following riders have qualified for the Zone Showjumping Teams at State Champs.
Zavier Radecker -Murray
Dayna Evans -Peel
Emma Mitchell - Murray
India Levene - Serpentine
Charley Barrett - Peel
Lucinda Spittle - Wandi
Team 1
Krystal Joss - Pinjarra
Charlotte Pyle - Serpentine
Tova Pinsky - Baldivis
Team 2
Cathryn Herbert - Murray
Courtney Pyle - Serpentine
Lucinda Spittle - Wandi
If you did not hand me your $25 on the day of the runoffs to pay for your entry into the team can you please ring me to arrange payment as soon as possible.
Thank you and well done.
Sherree Mostert
Serpentine H&PC

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SJ Runoffs

Last updated: 19-Apr-2012 08:25 PM

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that if you want to try out for zone or club sj teams you need to let me know by the end of this week. Also what individual classes you want to do if any.
As of yet we have no riders names down for 80cm for the Teams Challenge. For this you must be 16yrs or under as at 1/1/12 and you must be riding a pony 14.2hh and under.
If you are doing zone run offs you need to deposit $20 to my account by the end of the week also. 


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Last updated: 22-Mar-2012 12:41 AM

We are short on uniforms / cross country shirts at the moment due to a supply problem.
It would be great if everybody could look out their unwanted uniforms and put them up for sale, or better still donate them to the club!
Just bring them to the club house during the next event / rally.
Many of our (new) members would love your help!

Thanks! :)


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Last updated: 09-Mar-2012 12:05 AM

 We will set up early Saturday morning the 24th of March, so every one can get their horse ready in the afternoon.
Helpers are very much needed  and appreciated on this day and on the show day it self. There are many different jobs to be done; general set up, games set up, pencillers, helpers for entries for the morning and pack away in the afternoon.
Any volunteers for running the canteen would be great too! 
All these helper jobs will go towards your 10 hours for the club! Please come and help out if you can, so the day will be a great success!
Contact: for more info.

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RESULTS Europa Serpentine HPC ODE 1 3/4 March 2012

Last updated: 09-Mar-2012 12:04 AM

Some great results for our riders at this ODE! Congrats to all of you who came down and gave it a go, especially in the hot weather. You should be very proud of yourselves!

Section 1 Class 1 A Grade PCAWA

1st Emma Mostert 

Section 5 Class 5a C Grade PCAWA

1st  Elizabeth Moore - Milkenny's Caruso 
2nd Georgia Lowry  - Handsome Stranger 
3rd Georgia Lowry  - Prince Simpson 
5th Kristie Smith - Leedale James Dean 
6th Bronte Hannah - Strawberry Seduction 

Section 8 Class 7a D Grade PCAWA

1st Sally Ellis - Westbury Pk Montego 
2nd Kahla Purvis - Leedale Karis 
7th Kahla Purvis - Inverglen 
9th Emma Mostert - Edged in Lace
12th Zollie Hannah - Grandioso Cello 
21st Emily Res - Maddox  
Section 9 Class 7b D Grade PCAWA
13th India Levene - Just a Diva 
14th Katie McLerie - Vinnie 

Section 12 Class 9a E Grade PCAWA

7th Lorrena Kocsis - Danish Lord 
8th Michelle Lachenicht - Penrhys Secret Agent 
9th Jessica Hamersley - Sheer Elegance 
12th Tenneike Brown - Ten Under 
13th Elizabeth Moore - Kody's Star 

Section 13 Class 9b E Grade PCAWA

6th Milly Edmonds Coad - Foxy Lady 
10th Holly McClune - Judaroo Patron 
11th Sophie Mills - Brumby's Golden Oliver 
13th Courtney Bishop - Take a Gamble 
14th Dejon Opie - The Repecharge 
16th Kealey McGrath - Kiow


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Busy Bee‏ Sunday morning, 26th February

Last updated: 05-Mar-2012 10:15 PM

Hi all,
as part of your membership, to Serpentine Horse and Pony Club, 10 hours of your time each year is required to be spent at the club helping. This does not include general running of the club as is needed at rallies. Nor does it include doing a helper job as required for your rider to enter some of the events/shows.


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Updates on the website

Last updated: 21-Feb-2012 12:09 AM

We are in the process of updating our website. Thanks for your patience! 


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Last updated: 21-Feb-2012 12:08 AM

Any queries to The President


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