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What is Eventing?

Eventing consists of three disciplines being run over one, two or three days. The disciplines involved are Dressage, Show jumping and Cross country. Most Pony Club events are held over two days. But smaller events may run over one day. Hence the name, ODE. (One Day Event) Each stage is judged and a score is calculated. The lowest score at the end of the day wins. It is the rider’s responsibility to know all the rules and abide by them. Rules can be downloaded off the PCAWA website.  We encourage everyone to check the PCAWA Website for further information.

NEW RULE AS OF 1/1/11 - Body protectors must be worn on cross country for C grade and up


The Dressage test is judged under Equestrian Australia rules for Eventing Dressage. All tests must be ridden from memory. Having tests called will be elimination. The rider must be in full pony club uniform and Non PCAWA riders must be dressed appropriately as well.
It involves a number of movements that the horse/pony must complete and the Judge gives them a score for each movement out of 10. The score is added up at the end and a penalty score is worked out off that.

Show Jumping

In Full uniform the rider must walk and then ride a given course. Penalties apply to knocking down rails or refusals. The course is timed and time penalties apply. You must not exceed the time limit or you will be eliminated.

Cross Country

This involves walking and then riding a cross country course. Various distances and speeds apply depending on the grade that you are riding. This is a very exciting stage of the competition. Each jump has a jump judge that records what happens at their jump. Refusals and falls are recorded and penalties apply. The course is timed and time penalties apply also. Dangerous riding will not be tolerated and will be reported to the chief steward. This can be Elimination or 25 points will be added to your final score.


Presentation is held at the end of the event and placings are awarded to sixth place in most cases. Completion ribbons are given to the competitors that complete but do not place up to sixth place.

Eventing is a fun family weekend, with many families camping over one or two nights.

Events at Serpentine Horse and Pony Club are sponsored by Europa Saddlery Maddington and we thank them very much for their continued support. We run events three times a year and we also run a Series Leader board, where if you compete on the same horse over the three events, we calculate your score and we give rugs to the highest achiever in A, B, C, D and E grades in both PCAWA grades and Non-PCAWA grades.

Serpentine Horse and Pony Club has a dedicated band of helpers on our Eventing Committee and we would like to remind everyone that this is a volunteer position. Therefore we can not run these events without the help of your nominated helpers. We rely on helpers to do jobs that contribute to the smooth running of our events. And we appreciate this help very much.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event.

Please visit http://ktrials.pas.com.au/events/ and http://www.cavalletti.com.au for more event information.


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Eventing News Update 2015 Eventing News Update 2015 (541 KB)

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