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This is to explain all about our dressage competitions throughout the year, about riding in dressage competitions in general and about competing in the Pony Club (PCAWA) state Dressage Championships. We will also talk about our Serpentine Dressage awards at the end of the year.

As a member of PCAWA you are eligible to enter any dressage competition held by another pony club and our competition held at Serpentine. To ride in these competitions you wear full pony club uniform (beige jods, white shirt, green tie and green jumper, white saddle blanket and mane and tail plaited) You can ride in a dressage or all purpose saddle and must have a snaffle bit on your bridle. The first dressage tests are called Preparatory tests and have only walk, trot and halt in them (no canter) so they are a good place to start. After Preparatory is Preliminary, Novice, then Elementary, then Medium then Advanced then Prix St Georges(PSG) then Inter1 then Inter 11 and finally Grand Prix (the level our Olympians  compete at but you can see some great Grand Prix tests here in Perth too if you go and watch a competition). All the dressage tests are available free on the Internet at the Equestrian Australia website: www.equestrianwa.org.au  

At Serpentine in 2015 we are holding one competition. PCAWA hold an annual series which includes our dressage competition and dressage competitions from other pony clubs in WA. It is very prestigious to do well in this series and receive an award from PCAWA.  Details can be found on the PCAWA website.

Every year PCAWA hold the State Dressage Championships. At the State Equestrian Centre Brigadoon. If you wish to be eligable for selectionto represent SH&PC in a team event at the State Dressage Champs (exept Musical Ride) you must be competing at Preliminary and above and have a qualifying score of 57% or better. You can also enter as an individual.
This is a super fun event and has classes, including tests in pairs, (Wanda Nelson/ Stuart Harkness) in fours (Kanandah, Gingamurrah) with jumps in them,(Prix Caprilli)  to music (Musical Ride), Freestyle to music  with both horse and rider completely dressed up and individual tests (as well as just straight normal dressage tests).
 In order to decide which riders will represent SH&PC, we have to have a competition at the club (run offs). It is in June and is called The Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day. Jill Stanton was a member at Serpentine HPC and contributed tirelessly to our club, especially in regards to dressage. Jill sadly died of cancer and we remember her and her contribution every year at this special competition day. 

At the run offs riders must enter  the individual test at the level they are competent at and if two tests are offered they need to enter the highest test at each level (eg Preliminary 1.2 or Novice 2.2). The pairs test (Wandi Nelson/Stuart Harkness) , and the jumping test (Prix Caprilli) need to have teams nominated and if more then one team is nominated then a date will be decided and they will run off against each other and then the team with the best score will represent the club at th State Dressage Champs.
This is a great honour and earns the rider a club jacket that is especially embroidered (for team events ridden in Pony Club uniform not for an individual test.

 It is all about practicing and having a go. The first time you ride a dressage test with your horse he will probably not be great - the more you practice the better you get. If you want to do pairs (and then you can also do a pairs musical ride all dressed up!) you need to think about getting a partner from the club and practicing the Wanda Nelson /Stuart Harkness as soon as possible. The test (and Prix Caprilli) are available on the PCAWA website. Don't get frustrated! Keep practicing! First ridden and above can nominate to ride in the Musical Ride at the State Dressage Champs. The Musical ride is a massive team (minimum 6 to maximum of 16 riders) who do a ride to music in costume. The ride is choreographed so that it tells a story and our ride last year was incredible! 
Musical ride is a great introduction to what is involved at competing at a State event and to check out what you may like to compete in the following years.
At the end of the year Serpentine HPC recognises our members who have done extremely well in any discipline. To be recognised for a dressage award you must enter our Serpentine HPC dressage competition and be the member with the most points earned at this competition will receive an award. There is a category for junior, intermediate and senior but not all of these may receive an award depending on numbe of riders and this is decided by the Dressage Committee

Hopefully this has inspired all of you to get practicing, pick partners, think about dress ups and spend some fun dressage time with your horses and ponies.
The Dressage Committee


Our annual Jill Stanton Dressage Day held on Saturday 6th  June with a fantastic turnout with just over 100 horses riding on the day representing PCAWA and EA classes.  We had lovely weather and a very special display from Living Roses who dressed up our No 6 Arena with roses on the corners of the arena and a lovely living wall where riders could get their photo taken with or without their horse.  A huge thanks goes to Saddles Plus and Anatone for being sponsors on the day.  Once again we supported Breast Cancer Care and thanks to everyone who donated towards this great cause.  We had a great turnout from our Club members and some very good personal results were achieved on the day.  A huge thanks goes out to all the Serpy Club members and riders who helped out on the day you were all fantastic.    

Jill Stanton Results EA Classes 2015 Jill Stanton Results EA Classes 2015 (628 KB)

Jill Stanton Results PCAWA 2015 Jill Stanton Results PCAWA 2015 (535 KB)


EA Results dressage oct 2014 EA Results dressage oct 2014 (100 KB)

Series winners & sponsors dressage 2014 Series winners & sponsors dressage 2014 (24 KB)

pcawa results dressage oct 2014 pcawa results dressage oct 2014 (64 KB)

Dressage Draw 17 Aug 2014 Dressage Draw 17 Aug 2014 (39 KB)

Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day 2014 Results

EA JS Results 2014 EA JS Results 2014 (44 KB)

PCAWA JS Results 2014 PCAWA JS Results 2014 (38 KB)

Serpy Series Points 2014 Serpy Series Points 2014 (15 KB)

Dressage Day August Results

PCAWA results Aug 2014 PCAWA results Aug 2014 (21 KB)

Unofficial open 2014 Unofficial open 2014 (40 KB)

Dressage series 2014 Points EA Dressage series 2014 Points EA (60 KB)

Jill Stanton Memorial Dressage Day

This event is in memory of a Life Member of the Serpentine Horse and Pony Club, Jill Stanton, who was a great lover of dressage and a well respected dressage judge. She sadly passed away in April 2007

The Jill Stanton Dressage Day offers riders PCAWA classes , Associate classes from Preliminary to Advanced and Official classes to FEI level Trade Stalls and rider demonstrations are a feature of the day with generous prizes for riders.



1A 1A (25 KB)

2A 2A (40 KB)

Dressage Draw 17 Aug 2014 Dressage Draw 17 Aug 2014 (39 KB)

Dressage Judges Dressage Judges (49 KB)

Dressage results November 2013 Dressage results November 2013 (101 KB)

Dressage Series Points Dressage Series Points (90 KB)

Dressage tests 2014 Dressage tests 2014 (854 KB)

EA JS Results 2014 EA JS Results 2014 (44 KB)

Elementary Freestyle Elementary Freestyle (219 KB)

Final results 10 March Final results 10 March (82 KB)

Final results 10 March 2013 Dressage series Final results 10 March 2013 Dressage series (82 KB)

Jill Stanton 2012 Results Jill Stanton 2012 Results (57 KB)

Kanandah Gingamurrah Kanandah Gingamurrah (500 KB)

Musical ride Musical ride (41 KB)

P1 P1 (68 KB)

Pas de Deux Pas de Deux (85 KB)

PCAWA JS Results 2014 PCAWA JS Results 2014 (38 KB)

Prelim Nov Freestyle Prelim Nov Freestyle (87 KB)

Prix Cap Prix Cap (109 KB)

Results JSD 2013 Results JSD 2013 (300 KB)

series points 2 series points 2 (56 KB)

Serpy Series Dressage 2014 Serpy Series Dressage 2014 (15 KB)

Stuart Harkins Wanda Nelson Stuart Harkins Wanda Nelson (78 KB)


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