Coaching is a compulsory part of Pony Club Rallies.

Rallies provide an environment in which a young rider can find knowledge and mutual friendship with
other riders.

It cannot be too strongly stressed the 'WORKING RALLY' IS THE BACKBONE OF THE PONY CLUB. One of the main objectives of the Club is to encourage and improve horsemanship and horse mastership in its members. It is by such rallies, the Aims and Objectives of the Pony Club Movement are best carried out.

A WORKING RALLY is a rally to which all financial members are eligible to attend and where coaching from the Pony Club Australia of Syllabus of Instruction is given – e.g. Flatwork, Horse mastership, General knowledge and active riding i.e. Jumping, Games. Rally dates shall be arranged by the Club Committee/Sub Committee

UNMOUNTED RALLIES are of great value and may be devoted to Horse mastership and lectures. At these lectures practical experience can be given in grooming, feeding, horse ailments and their treatments, fitting and care of saddlery, stable management and other aspects of horse care. Land care and Vaulting may also be included. Clubs may arrange a visit to: Veterinary Hospital, Stable, Race Course and any other place of interest available.

Visiting Members

A member may be a visiting member of another Club affiliated with the Association. A visiting member shall not represent the Club they visit, and may not be a visiting rider more than twice in any calendar year. Prior arrangements of a visiting member to attend a rally at another club must be made by each of the Club Coach Co-ordinators. Contact must not be made by the Parent or Guardian of the visiting member. Club Coach Co-ordinators has a Duty of Care and all relevant information is to be passed on.

Attendance cards must be signed by the Club visited by the rider.

Qualifications for Zone and State Competition


To enter in many of the Pony Club Competitions, the horse and rider combination must attend three working rallies of a Pony Club, in the previous twelve (12) months, two of which must have been at the Club which they will be representing. Both horse and rider must be present for a minimum of 4 hours at a Working Rally to qualify as a horse and rider combination. A maximum of two horses/ponies may be ridden at a working rally and the rider must participate in at least one ridden session on each horse to count as a qualification.

Qualifications must be fully gained prior to the Close of Entries to any Zone or Club Selection/Run Off for any State  Championship.



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